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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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''Hi Stefan, '' said the two girls who were giggling at him. They both went inside of the first floor in the club as I continued to look at Stefan with confusion. It's been nearly four months since the last time I've seen him and I can't believe he's standing right in front of me.

What happened in Italy still doesn't wrap in my mind how he just fired me like that with no hesitation whatsoever. I mean I get it, I flirted with an employee from Italy's high-end company and I was a bit wrong to do it.But, what threw me off was him snapping at me with his bad attitude.

I do lowkey miss working for him but because of what happened I don't think I want to go back. Hence the fact that he keeps writing me letters explaining how he's a dick and is severely sorry. I do accept his apology but I never told him yet cause I know he's a bit prideful.

''--What are you doing here?'' I asked.

''I was invited to come here at this party.''

''From Jeremy Drew?''

''--No, um just one of my friends I know.''


''Yeah, and I also was hoping to see you.''


''---Look, Isabella, I don't know how many times that I have to repeat myself over and over from those letters. I get it, you're punishing me and making me taste my own medicine--''


''--I did something idiotic and shouldn't jump into conclusions--''

''--Stefan! Please! Breathe. You talk really fast, I need you to relax.'' He let out a deep sigh and continued to look at me with guilt. I can tell that he's having a panic attack by talking really fast to me. He's nervous to confess that he's guilty just by his facial expressions. It did warm my heart a tiny bit just to him doing it.

''You want to get a drink?'' I asked.

''Sure.'' I lead the way back to the rooftop floor and got us some drinks. We then sat down on the couch and took our masks off then begin to drink silently.

''So all of that you said to me is true?'' I asked.

''Yes, it is.''

''But why? Why did you have to be like this?''

''It's complicated.''

''What do you mean?''

''I want to tell you everything about me but not here not now. Al

me. She was fixing her bed and was making funny facial expressions to my insane night with Stefan.

''--- I told you, you would give him a chance, " she said.

''I know, I thought I wouldn't. It was just the way he looked at me, I knew he felt extremely guilty for doing that to me.''

''Maybe he's not Mr.Grinch.''

''Yeah maybe.'' After closing the lights, I flip my body to the side and was scrolling through on my phone. I then received a message from Stefan which made my heart dropped to the ground.

I haven't texted Stefan in forever and it gives me anxiety whenever I read his messages. Plus, it's surprising that he's still paying for my phone and my car even though I wanted to be out of the plan. The dealership guy and the technician guy from Verizon both said that Stefan refused to accept my request.

Which I thought he was fucking crazy, but then again, I would be working two jobs in order to pay for the phone and the car.


Thank you again, for a second chance.


You're welcome.


By the way, next time you should wear a black bra, I could see your white laced-one through your dress. ??

Closing the phone, I looked at my white-laced bra hanging over on my dirty pile of my clothes. I then pressed my eyes densely and shake my head in embarrassment.

So this whole time, my bra was visibly showing in front of Stefan fucking Mitchell??

''Ugh, " I whispered.

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