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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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It's been four months since I've seen or heard from Isabella and it is driving me insane. I know what the fuck I said; "you're fired" to her but that wasn't supposed to happen at all. I wanted to tell her to go back to the suite so I could put to end to this.

But, I'm so used to firing clients and employees left to right it just happened so quickly and I know I can't do anything to change about it.

Isabella is my Dream Girl. She was so fucking perfect, absolutely perfect. Despite my jealousy, she is the only assistant I had that actually had the work done. And yes, snapping at her was stupid for something irrelevant. I was just so jealous that she was around with that Italian guy and lashed my anger at her when she called me the Grinch.

I haven't heard that word since Erin and I split at my place in front of everyone. And since Isabella said the same thing to me, I couldn't hold my tongue anymore.

And now I really regret.


"Yo man when are you going to give up?" said Paul eating strawberries and chocolate right beside my desk.

Since Isabella isn't here, I thought of writing her a letter of how much of an asshole I am and that I'm sorry and hope that she would forgive me.

And she still hasn't responded.

Which is not a surprise to me at all considering the fact that I fired her just like that.

I get it. I did this to her but I really am not going to give up until she says something.


"Dude, you fired her. She called you the Grinch. Don't you think you should just... I don't know..... give up?"


"I've never seen you like this and I mean ever—"

"— I just can't stop. I'd admit I was stupid for firing her. I can't control myself to a woman who I'm highly attracted to. Especially when you're called a—"

"—- Grinch. Yeah, dude, you gotta let that shit go. I get it, from Erin to Isabella that must be hell."

"It is even though I didn't like Erin like that. She called me out

ing to find a way out of this crowded room. A random girl then touched me sexually and begin to giggle flirtatiously.

"Excuse me, handsome."

"Please let me be."

"Oh my, I recognize that sexy voice. Hello Stefan Mitchell."

"Umm... hi-"

"Name is Heather, Heather Jay, at your lovely service, " she said slurring her words to me. I knew she was drunk just the way she was dancing. I nodded my head awkwardly and walked back to the stairs.

Heading up the rooftop, there weren't a lot of people on here. It was quite spacious; A mini-bar, with long couches and a water fountain next to it.

A young girl was leaning against the bar on the far right side of the stairs. She was looking out to the streets with her hair fully down as the wind was whistling through her curls. I notice those curls and the radiant body which clicked in my mind that it was Isabella.

My heart was racing rapidly and I could feel my excitement bursting through my mind. She finally turns around and I started to go down the stairs. I could hear the footsteps following me all the way down back to the door.

Before I touch the handle, a slight heel clicked behind me tapping sluggishly to get my attention. I finally gave up and decided to turn around and see who it was.

It's her.

It's Isabella.

"Stefan? Is that you?" She asked.

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