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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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''Oooh Isabella, Bells, You definitely made him jealous, '' said Lauren on the phone. She was chortling out loud which made me snicker trying to my hardest to cool off from her hysterical giggle.

I told Lauren a brief moment of meeting with Alè and dealing with Stefan's behavior. Meeting Alè was the best thing that has happened to me and I only know him for like a day. But, it did cause Stefan to be very jealous which is crazy because I wouldn't think he would care a bit.

Okay, maybe a little after the shrimp accident. But still, it's a bit funny coming from a billionaire.

"—- Alright my love as much I want to hear this Twilight series I got to go back to work."

"— Okay, talk to you later."

"I will, bye." After hanging up the phone I sat on the bench and took a peek outside. It was near sunset; The wind was whistling through my hair and it felt so nice outside. I could smell the tasty grilled chicken passing through under my nose that made my stomach growl softly.

I went back into the suite and went over to the bathroom to take myself a cool shower. After taking a shower, I searched all over for my towel and realized that I didn't take it with me.

''Seriously Bella?!'' I whispered to myself with irritation. I hate when I do this! It's like I could've sworn I took it with me even though it's not here.

From afar, I could hear Stefan's heavy footsteps walking around in his bedroom area. I then called out his name loudly so I can gather his attention.

''--Yes, '' he responded.

''Can... you. .. pass me .. a towel, '' I said shivering uncontrollably and trying to get his empathy for me being cold as fuck.

''What's the magic word?'' He said in his sarcastic tone.




''Well, I'm waiting.'' I heaved a frustrated sigh then said ''Thank you'' forcing my words with a fake smile.

He sarcastically winked at me then hands me a towel from his bedroom. I closed the door behind him and quickly wrapped myself in the towel then left the bathroom to my side of the suite.

Changing to my lingerie, I placed my hair into a high messy bun, as always, and got myself comfortable on the bed.

Suddenly, I got a text from Stefan which brought me in a bothered mood.


Don't forget we have our final meeting with Ricci Corporations tomorrow at three.Don't be late.


I know that.....


Don't sass me


I wasn't sassy


Clearly, when you use those dots it's obvious that you're giving me an attitude.


Shut up, Stefan.


Why don't you make me?

''Gosh why are you so annoying, '' I whispered loudly to myself. After, I shut down my phone with aggression and forced myself to sle

d to my writing on the notebook.

''---You left out the same thing as yesterday.''

''Oh but you said---''

''---Doesn't matter what I said you should've written that down.''

''-- You seriously need to cut this shit out.''

''Or what? You'll tell your boyfriend?''

''Alè is not my boyfriend!''

''Then explain why you were late to the meeting.''

''Because the elevator was down.''

''An excuse, not only you came late--''

''--- A minute late...''

''-- But you dated one of the employees from a high-end companies in Italy, not once but twice.''

''You're being dramatic he was just being nice and wanted to know me. Why can't you just--''

''Just what?''

''Stop! Stop acting like you don't care. Goodness, why are you like this? I did nothing wrong, yes I know I was like a minute late but you can't just get mad at me when I literally told you the fucking truth. It's not fair you're treating me like this.You're being uh... uh—"

"—- A what?!"

"—- A grinch!"

''You know what?!''


''---You're fired!''

"—-Just like that!"

"Yeah, just like that!"

"You're so fucking stubborn, " I whispered. Shaking my head in disappointment, I snatched my notebook away from him and went back to my suite. Packing with aggression, I quickly booked a flight from here and made my way to the airport.

Fucking Stefan is so damn stubborn and didn't care enough to listen to me. He continued to jump to conclusions and never had the chance to see the ''bright side.''

I know I shouldn't said the G word, but goodness gracious, I was completely wrong. I kept fighting and fighting trying to see that he does have a good side to him. And he proved me right, he isn't.

The articles were right.

Lauren's co-worker was right.

Even Lauren said it.

But for me? I was wrong.

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