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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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The knock on the door woke me up out of my sleep. I was sluggishly dreading my feet to the door and opened it in a slow motion.

A tall brunette lady with bright blue eyes smiled widely holding a gift basket in her hand.

''Room service for Isabella?'' she said in her Italian accent.

''I didn't order room service.''

''This is from someone special, at the Ricci Corporations.''

''Ohh... Okay, thank you.''

''You're welcome.'' I closed the door right behind her and went my way to the kitchen area. It was a basket full of a small bouquet of red flowers, a bottle of champagne with cookies and a card. I took the card and begin to read my secret admirer's handwriting.

Good morning beautiful, I hope you don't forget about me.

If you like, we can get breakfast at the cafè area in the hotel you're staying and I would like to get to know you better.

If not, I understand your respect.

--- Alessandro

''--Who's that for?'' Stefan interrupted my loopy-flirtation mind. He was wrapped around in his towel dripping wet from the shower. The water droplets were running down in his ravishing body causing me to fight back my hormones.

''Um, someone from the Ricci Corporations.''

''Mm, okay.'' I let out a sigh and walked to my room then closed the divider behind me. I was pacing back and forth deciding whether or not I should go on a breakfast with Alè.

Finally, I made up my mind and decided to go to this breakfast date. Then, I pulled out my floral pink and white mini-dress, with my white-laced wedges and pulled my hair to half-up, half-down. After, I applied light makeup in my face and sprayed my favorite vanilla perfume all over me.

As I was about to leave, Stefan looked at me with confusion but also was amazed how I looked. He was biting his bottom lip slowly as I gathered my belongings by the door.

''You do realize the meeting doesn't start until three, '' he said.

''Yes, I'm just getting breakfast and exploring the city.''

''Oh, okay.''

''See you at the meeting, '' I replied.

I left the suite and went to the elevator. I placed my head down trying to cool off my excitement to see Alè. He's incredibly handsome it's so unreal that I'm going on a date with an Italian man.


Leaving the elevator, Alè was standing by the window near the entrance. He came to me and grabbed my left hand and placed his soft lips on it.

''Good morning Isabella, '' he said to me

he shipments and merchandise of the collection from the enterprise.

During the meeting, I was taking notes and kept looking at Alè who was heart-eyeing at me the whole time. I couldn't resist but to cool down my flirtation by drinking water and biting my lips slowly.

After the meeting, everyone shakes their hands together and walked out of the room. Lorenzo said his goodbyes to Stefan as I was shaking my hands to Alè with a flirting ''goodbye.''

''Have a good day, Isabella, '' Alè said.

''You too Alè.''

He left the room to myself with Stefan which kind of made me a bit nervous. I know for a fact he's annoyed but I can't really tell since he doesn't express his facial expression.

''Notes, '' Stefan demanded.

I hand him over the notes as he flips over the pages in a pace motion.

''You left out a part of the price check, '' he said in a snappy attitude.

''You say that you weren't sure and that it'll take some time to come up with the prices since it's going to be in Italy.''

''Well you should've written that down.''

''Okay seriously, you need to cut it out with your snappy attitude.''

''How about I cut your boyfriend----''

''--- Stefan, there's a person in line that wants to speak with you, '' said a young man who I recognize from the enterprise.

''I'll be there in a second.'' He then twists his neck to me and closes the notebook in a sharp motion. ''We're not done here, '' he whispered.

He left the room to myself as I let out a rough sigh.Stefan thinks that I'm dating Alè. No wonder he was such in a snappy mood. It all makes sense now.


I made Stefan jealous.

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