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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Rome, Italy.

The city of love in Italy, and man it's absolutely amazing. We arrived here in Italy late in the evening and have came to Hotel Mascagni. Upscale rooms, balconies, garden terrace, a bar, with a spa and mini-gym, with WIFI and free breakfast.


Recently, I've been in my private suite having a blast that I'm in Rome. The downfall is that my suite is connected to Stefan's only with a divider-sliding door which means he can hear everything I do or say.

But that doesn't phase me a bit.

Well. Sort of.

? ? Oh, when you walk by every night

Talking sweet and looking fine

I get kind of hectic inside

Oh, baby, I'm so into you

Darling if you only knew

All the things that flow through my mind ? ?

As I jam to Fantasy, I was getting ready for tonight's event at Ricci Corporation. The company that is going to promote the collection from the enterprise. I was placing light makeup and shaking my hips side to side with my bra and panties singing along with the lyrics.

? it's just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby

When I close my eyes you come and take me... ?

A double knock echoed by my door that immediately jolted my body in shock. I turned around and saw Stefan standing there leaning against the door and tilt his neck slightly to the right.

''Umm... ss-sorry, '' I said. I turned my phone off and quickly wrapped myself in a robe. He bit his lips trying to cool himself by seeing me with my bra and panties.

He cleared his throat and said ''Hurry, we need to leave.'' I shake my head ''yes'' and slowly closed the door right in front his face.

''That was awkward, '' I whispered to myself. I slithered into my black velvet dress with straps along with red ankle-strap heels. I also added some pearl earrings and red lipstick on my face.

With a finishing touch, I placed my hair into a high-messy bun.Leaving the suite, I met up with Stefan and other board members from the enterprise. They were all huddled in a circle going in pairs inside of the limousine.

Stefan and I were the last pairs to slide inside the limo. I was sitting next to him by the window and nervously ''looked'' at my phone to avoid talking to him. I coul

ate shrimp.''

''What did you see?''


''Nothing? Really? You're telling me that you accidentally ate shrimp because you quote on quote saw nothing.''

''I'm going to pretend that I didn't see anything.''

My thoughts begin to clutter into a huge circle. Maybe he was upset because he accidentally saw Alè and me flirting with each other. I mean that explains why he was close to the balcony area. Maybe he was spying on me.

I could be wrong but I just have a feeling that I'm right.

''Whatever you say, here you need to take this.''

I gave him the remedies and begin to take out the cool pad from the first-aid kit. Stefan then took off his shirt and released his radiant body. It was a six-pack, deep v-line, and very glowy with a deep tan. I saw a tattoo on his left collarbone with Roman numerals added with an arrow.

My hormones begin to kick rapidly just by looking at Stefan's body. There were red rashes on his chest from the reaction. I then placed the cooling pad on his chest and slowly scan my eyes to his. Our eyes were targeted at each other's move; testing to see who would make the first move.

Before Stefan opened his mouth, the door knocked from afar. I cleared my throat densely and said ''Get some rest, I'll get the door.''

As I passed by him he called my name which immediately made me halt by the door.

''Yes?'' I responded.

''Thank you.''

''You're welcome.''


Alessandro (Alè) :

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