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   Chapter 7 NO.7

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''--- Ugh, she is controlling! And bitchy!'' I exclaimed as I marched into the bedroom.

''--Breathe Bella, '' Lauren replied. She got up from her bed and walked to me scanning her hands up on my arms. Then she gave me that look that every mom does when their child is acting up.

''I just don't get it. I don't understand why he's into her.''

''-- You sure about that? Doesn't sound like he is from what I was told.''

"From what?"

"E! News."

''It was so embarrassing.''

''I bet it was. Look, hun, you can't just let that control you.''

''It's like ever since I bumped into him on accident she just keeps being so cruel. Like an evil step-sister or something.''

''Why don't you tell Stefan about this?''

''He knows, I think he did something to her after I left. He seemed really pissed.''

''Really pissed?''


After talking to Lauren about happened earlier, I hopped in the shower and cool off my body. After rinsing, I went over to my phone and saw a notification from Stefan. My heart dropped just by looking at the screen: seeing his name on my phone.


Are you up?

I slide the text and continue to look at the screen not knowing how to respond back. I started to type on the keyboard then stop writing and placed the phone down on the counter. A swooshing sound automatically came after I stopped replying to Stefan.

Stefan:? ? ?

''What the hell does he want from me, '' I whispered. By ignoring the text, I placed my phone in ''Do Not Disturb" and went my way to bed.



Another day at work, and I was prepared to see Stefan coming in the office. I placed his materials on the desk along with his coffee.

''---Alright, yeah no worries, thank you, '' he said responded.

''--- Good morning---''

''--Where's my schedule?''

''In this file--''

He took the file from me and wandered his eyes around on the paper. Then, he took his coffee an

me the chance to say thank you.''

''Thank me later.''

''-- I don't understand, you got me a car.''

''Well you're my personal assistant. You really need one, you can't just ride a bus or borrow your friend's car all the time. That has to be a bit exhausting.''

''Um, yeah it is but I--- I can't afford---''

''--- Well I bought it, and I'm paying for it.''

''I can't let you do this.''

''I already did.''


''--Ms.Vega, it's yours. I'll see you tomorrow.''

Stefan went into his car and drove off to the road. I went back to my new car and examine the details around it. The new car smell soothes my soul every time I take a light sigh. The radio is very technical, along with the starter button to boot up the car.

I pulled out my phone and texted Stefan thanking him once again for the car.


Thank you, Stefan, for the car.

.... I mean Mr.Mitchell. I'm sorry.


You're welcome, Isabella.

My mouth dropped to the ground by reading his text. Stefan called me my name for the first time ever. Well, technically not since the interview. But, since then, he's been calling me Ms.Vega and I'm not going to lie, it was hard for me to accept that he'll call me by my last name for a while.

He said You're Welcome Isabella.

This can't be real.

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