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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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Stefan POV

As Isabella leaves the office, I find myself daydreaming about her once again. She's literally so beautiful it's so unreal. I know I can be stoic when I'm around her, but, I can't help myself she's gorgeous and it drives me crazy. It's been two years since I've seen her and now she's working with me which is a huge surprise that I even hired her on the spot.

''....Stefan! Hello?!'' said Erin interrupting my daydream. She widened her eyes irritatedly knowing I wasn't paying attention to her. I met Erin at a private party in London nearly three months ago. Yes, she is my girlfriend but man she's fucking controlling.

At this point, I want to break up with her just because she has a nasty attitude. And what she did to Isabella was unacceptable, I know I should've done something but because Isabella left; I couldn't wrap my mind how she was spilled in champagne.

''What?'' I said back to her.

''Did you even listen to me? I was talking about my fabulous birthday party that is happening tonight at your place.''

''Wait... my place?''

''Yes I've been telling you this since last week. You said ''Yeah, Sure.''

''Oh... well then I'll just make some arrangements and have your birthday party at my place.''

She squealed loudly and jumped up and down like a five-year-old winning a toy at a fair. Erin waddled her way to me and kissed me numerous times on the lips. I squinted my eyes and pressed my lips together fighting back to not kiss her but her kisses were a bit aggressive.

''Babe! This is amazing! Eeee! I'm so excited! I can't wait to tell my girlfriends you're literally the best!'' She said.


''See you later!'' I rolled my eyes frustratedly and scan my hands through my face then got up from my seat and walked out from the enterprise.


"Mr.Mitchell, where do we place this item?'' said one of the decorators.

''The pool, '' I replied. To my left, I can see Erin's friends fangirling at me. I waved an awkward hello and walked into the living room and met up with my close friend Paul. Paul and I are close since friends senior year of high sch

hock to why I'm doing this.

"Ugh, Stefan?! Why did you do that for? It's my birthday this is so unfair!" She shrieked loudly.

"Come here, " I said pulling her outdoors and stop at the end of the stairs. "What the fuck is wrong with you? Interacting with my assistant? Did I give you the fucking permission to do that?"

"— No..., " she replied nervously.

"Then why the fuck did you have the audacity to take my phone and text Isabella?"

"— I just thought-"

"— Well, you thought wrong. Quit interfering my business and my employees and fucking shit up."

"I'm sorry."

"No, you're not. Ever since I dated you, you've been a snotty brat. You're so clingy and controlling and fucking talkative dating you was the worst thing that has happened to me-"

Suddenly, Erin's left hand smacked me across the face with a force which caused my left cheek to turn red. I smear off the pain in a sluggish motion and stared back to Erin who is already crying uncontrollably.

"— Fuck you, Stefan Mitchell, I don't want to be with you either! You're such a grinch I hope and pray that someone will change that for you. Goodbye!" She marched down to the limo outside of my gate and slam the door behind her.

I heaved a light sigh and looked through my phone to check if Isabella texted me. No sign of notification that she send me a message about what happened.

"Fuck, " I whispered.


Paul :

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