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   Chapter 5 NO.5

His Dream Girl By vee0821 Characters: 5346

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Eight missed calls from Stefan...

Oh, shit.

Well.. this is it. I'm getting fired.

I gulped my throat down with fear and continue to scroll through my notifications. It's around nine thirty in the morning and I'm still here not getting myself ready. I overslept from the irrelevant, disruptive scene I dealt with the other day. That Erin chick threw her drink at me it did cause a bit of trauma of me not able to sleep right.

''Shit, '' I whispered.

A pound knock echoed through the front door which caused my body to jump. I went to the door and opened it slowly knowing that there's a high chance that it would be Stefan. And surprisingly, it was.

He was there with his hands in his pockets leaning on the left side of the door with an irritation expression on his face. I sighed timidly as he looked at me to give him an explanation of why I'm not at work.

''Get ready in thirty minutes, I'll take you to work, " he said.

''I'll just drive.''

''There's no car in your lot, get ready.''

''Then I'll just walk.''

''Ms.Vega, get ready right now that's an order.'' Nodding my head ''yes'', I walked back to my room and started up with the shower. After, I slide onto my rose-pink skirt and a black v-neck blouse along with nude-strap heel.

I applied some light makeup and met up with Stefan at the front door. To his limo, I got inside on the left as Stefan went over to the right.

"Go ahead Frank, " he said to his limo driver. He nodded his head and proceeded to drive back to the enterprise.

Stefan cleared his throat densely making an assumption about somethin


"Can you briefly explain what happened to you last night?" He stood up from his chair and slowly walked over to where I was standing. My heart begins to pound really fast just by seeing how closing Stefan was to me.

"Erin threw her drink at me when we were in the bathroom because I bumped into you that one time.''

"Oh okay, I'm so—" Before he could finish his sentence his phone ringed voluminously across the room. He then sighed and jogged lightly to his desk and answer his phone call. "Hello? Yes? Oh, Mr.Patt long time!"

He peeked over at me for a quick minute then twirls his body to the window. Leaving the office, I closed my door behind me and went my way to the elevator.

My mind was overwhelmed with thoughts just by what Stefan was about to tell me. He was going to say that he's sorry.

Stefan Mitchell, The Billionaire wanted to apologize for his so-called girlfriend's behavior from the other night. Maybe I'm wrong but he seems he does have some type of empathy for me. I mean, he did kick her out of the office.

Who knows.

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