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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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"Ugh, I look weird, '' I said to Lauren. She was laying on her stomach with an apple in her hand chewing like a cow. Tonight is the release party for the enterprise and I'm excited but so nervous. I've haven't been to a party in so long, last time I've remembered I went to one was during my Senior year in high school. It was one of those parties that you really have to go just because everyone was going to it.

''No babe, you look fine.''

''Are you sure?''

''Yes, you look great. Relax, I know it's a luxurious party thing, and it's not your jam. But, I know you, you're going to be fine as long as you smile hard and try to have a great time.''

''I hope so.''

''You will.''

''Is it okay if I borrow your car for the night?''

''Of course, keys by the kitchen.''

I went towards the kitchen and grabbed the keys from the shelf. I waved a light goodbye to Lauren while she takes a bite of the apple and waved back.

To Lauren's car, I unlocked the doors to get inside. After I started the car, I drove my way back to the Hilton Toronto Hotel. Arriving there, I parked the car in the garage and got myself out.

I was fixing my yellow romper and let my hair down then proceed to walk inside the hotel. Many people were coming from different doors towards the elevator. You could see the excitement on their faces to go to the party.

On the twelve floor, a massive group of people sprouted out on the rooftop dancing and drinking to the hottest playlist. There was a gigantic pool with a jacuzzi, an alcohol bar, models posing on a stand in the enterprise collections, plus food.

''Isabella?'' said Emma.

''Hi Emma, you're here?''

''Well, of course, I am. I wouldn't miss the party. What do you think of the designs?''

''It's nice, it's actually great!''

''Gives you that nineties vibe.''

''Yes, absolutely it does.''

''Would you like a drink?''

''Sure, I'll get champagne.''

''Okay I'll be right back.''

When Emma left, I released a sigh and walked backward and accidentally bump into Stefan. He arched his brows, trying to signal that he's curious to why I didn't see him standing behind me.

''Sorry, '' I whispered.

''---Yeah, you should be, '' said a random brunette girl. She was about the same height as me with bright green eyes, rosy cheeks, and pink full lips. She almost looked like those baby dolls you see at Toys-R-Us; the hair, the cheeks, and the skin complexion.

'' Umm... I..''

''You what? Didn't think you could see that Stefan was there?''

''--- Erin, '' Stefan said. She rolls her eyes hard and continues to sip her drink. I awkwardly went away from the two and met up with Emma who was my drink in her hand.

''You okay Isabella?''

''Yeah, just been a long day.''

''I agree, Stefan really drains everyone.''

She hands me the drink and I begin to sip on it while I look around at my surroundings. There are so many people at this party, it's unbelievable. The music was extremely loud I couldn't even hear myself talking to Emma.

As hours went by, Stefan came to the stage by the DJ booth and said a few words for the collection. He thanked LP collections to allow this merchandise to launch along with the board members. After his speech the party resume to its loudness-social environment.

''---Hey Emma, wanna dance?'' said a random guy. Emma turned her head to me with a half-guilt on her face to see if I was okay for her to leave.

''--Go ahead, I'll be okay.''


ally?'' She said.

''Yes, I'll be fine, go dance!" The guy took Emma away from me leaving me behind to myself. The crowd was getting enormous each second by the music. I was feeling a bit claustrophobic that I decided it was best for me to leave the party. I'm not a huge fan of an enormous crowd like this: it gives me anxiety.

At the lobby, before I left, I went to the ladies room and fixed myself a bit. A light creak opened from afar which brought to my attention quickly. I took a snap look and realized it was that Erin chick who was acting like a bitch to me earlier.

Placing my head down, I gathered my purse and grabbed my lipstick to leave.

''Hey, you!" she said.

My body twists around to her and she threw her drink at my shirt and face. I shrieked loudly looking at her to why the hell she randomly did that. She chuckled uncontrollably along with her a minion friend who was recording me.

''Watch where you're going, '' she winked. I slammed the door on my way out and ran to the main entrance. Stefan saw me pacing my way to the car and tried to stop me from leaving the party.

''Ms.Vega? Ms. Vega is there an explan---''

''--No, '' I replied with a dark tone. His brows arched with confusion to what happened to me. I was a quivering my lips and tightening my jaw so hard to not burst into tears in front of Stefan.


''I'm going home. Good night Mr.Mitchell.'' I went inside of my car and drove to Lauren's place. On my way there, I couldn't stop myself but to cry like a newborn baby. Crying to the point where my mascara was running down on my face making my makeup look bad.

As I enter in, Lauren was coming out from her room with her pajamas and a bottle of water in her hand. She looked at me with sorrow in her eyes and speed her way to me.

''Bella, what the fuck happened to you?!"

''Some random girl at the party, I don't know her like that but she threw her drink at me.''


''I'm guessing because I bumped into Stefan without seeing him and she barked at me like she's his mom, it's only the first day and I already want to give up.'' Lauren lifts my head up high from my chest and wipes away the tears.

''Listen to me, Bells, you're not going to give up. Yes, I know what you said but let this bitch ruin your chance to be part of this company. I believe in you. I know you're strong enough to work at this high-end company that can shape your future.''

''You've always looked at the positive.''

''Because it's too short to be angry at something little. What she did, was fucked up. But, next time if you ever get the chance to see her again give her a taste of your own medicine.''

''Okay.'' Lauren and I hugged each other tightly for a quick second as she pats her hand on my back.I plodded my way to the bathroom and hopped into the shower reminiscing today's madness.After rinsing, I switch to my lingerie and climb on the bed.

Suddenly, my phone begins to buzz which brought my attention in a bad mood. I took a peek at my phone and saw that Stefan was texting me. Then, I rolled my eyes and begin to reply to what he needed to say to me.

Stefan: Ms.Vega, are you okay?

Me: Yes.

Stefan: You didn't seem fine when I stopped you

Me: Jesus, leave me alone. I said I'm fine.

After the text, Stefan randomly called me which I kept denying numerous times. By the sixth call, I turned off my phone and prepared myself for the day tomorrow.


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