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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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"Mr.Mitchell, the maintenance guy is here, " said the lady who brought me here. She hands over Stefan a bag of supplies. He placed the supplies on the desk and said: "Emma, send the guy up."

"Okay, Mr.Mitchell."

As Emma leaves the door, the maintenance guy came inside with desks, chairs and other tools. He begins to build up a desk while another woman came by and started to fix a chair.

"Come with me, we have a meeting to attend, " Stefan said. He walked away from me while I grabbed my purse and met him at the elevator.

The door opened widely for the both of us to enter. Stefan went to the left side of the elevator as I came over on the right. He pressed 1 to go back to the first floor.

By my peripheral vision, I could see Stefan side-eyeing at me with a light expression on his face. Clearing my throat, he turns the other way and pulls out his phone pretending that he wasn't lurking at me for a bit.

Leaving the enterprise, there was a limo car outside for Stefan and me. Stefan went around from the other side of the limo and went in. I let out a small sigh and walked into the limo.

We were sitting on opposite sides. I played with my thumb nervously again and peeked out to the window.

Stefan cleared his throat densely and said: "Here you go." He hands over a brown bag to me. Examining the bag, I searched for what he gave me. A mini-IPad, a small planner with colorful sharpie pens, an Apple Watch with an IPhone.

"All of this is your pieces of equipment to the meetings that I attend to. I expect you to keep track with the schedule, appointments, and my notes. I already activate your phone, and I added my phone to your contact list."

"I can't afford to have an iPhone 8.''

"—Don't worry I'm paying for it."

''Oh..'' I looked down on the screen and unlock the phone then begin to install apps on the phone.

The limo stopped at our destination and we both got out. Looking upwards, I noticed that we were in Hilton Toronto Hotel. A luxurious hotel with a resort that has an amazing view of the entire city.

Stefan called in one of the staffs to escort us to the meeting we're attending. The lady escorted us to the elevator and pressed a number to escalate our way up. We've reached the fifteenth floor and walked towards to a glass door by the end of the hallway.

As soon as we walked in, businessmen and businesswomen around the room stand up like soldiers to Stefan. It was like how in the army when each person is in one single file line. Not moving a pinch of a muscle.

''You may be seated, '' Stefan said. They all sat down on their chairs as Stefan gave me the look to go to the seat with my name stamped on it. I quietly sat down on the chair and target my eyes around the room. There were about twelve of us in the meeting listening to Stefan's lecture.

Stefan didn't even bother to introduce me to his board me

mbers he immediately went on to lecture about the sales and shipments of Mitchell enterprise. He also mentioned about the clothing line releasing today at the twelve floor by the pool.

He showed us a slide of different styles to the clothing line marked M.E. on t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, sweatpants, and lastly sneakers. I can't deny how well the clothing line looks: very chic, 90's styles, with cool colors: blue, green, and purple.

Time was flying quickly and it was already four o'clock and Stefan hasn't dismissed anyone yet. He postponed an extra slide due to the number of long faces around the room.

''---Any questions?'' He said. Everyone then shakes their head no. ''Good, the party is tonight at eight o'clock, make sure you're all there.''Stefan finally dismissed everyone except for me. ''My notes, '' he demanded.

I hand him over my notes to him and begin to wander my eyes around the room. He was flipping the three pages I've written down in the notebook he gave me.

''Nice handwriting, '' he whispered.

''What?'' I said, his brows raised in a "pay attention"expression.

''Your handwriting it's nice, '' He replied.

''Oh.. thanks.''

He hands me back my notebook and nods his head to me to exit the room. We got back to the limo and begin to drive back to the enterprise. There, I got into my bag and started to look for my bus pass to get it in.

My heart dropped on the floor when I realized I lost my bus pass.

''Shit!'' I whispered to myself.

''Is there a problem Ms.Vega?'' Stefan said afar from his car. I turned my back and looked at him while he stared at me waiting for an answer.

''No, there's no problem.''

''You said shit.''

''No, I didn't.''

''Yes... you did.''

''Umm... well, I lost my bus pass so I guess I'll just wait here and call--''

''--I can take you home.''

''Take who?--''


''No thanks, I'll just call--''

''Ms.Vega, I'm doing you a favor. I'll take you home.''

''Okay then.''

He clicked on his keys twice for us to go inside of his Grey Porsche. I slide on to the passenger's seat and buckled up my seatbelt. He booted up the car and drive down to the road as I gave him the instructions to Lauren's place.

Stefan entered the garage lot and parked near the exit area. I was breathing in and out slowly trying to keep my cool that a billionaire gave me a ride back home. Not in a million years would I think Stefan Mitchell is willing to do that at all. Hence the fact that everyone sees him as The Grinch.

Maybe, it's not true since he did a "good deed". I guess.

I cleared my throat hard and said ''Thanks... for the ride.''' He twists his head to me and pressed his lips tightly. I was nervously scanning my eyes at mine and looked to the other side of my shoulder.

''See you tonight?'' He said.

''Yes, I'll be there tonight.''


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