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   Chapter 37 NO.37

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''Come in!'' She exclaimed.

We both went inside her home and I was amazed how beautiful the house is. The home decor in the house is appealing, there was a lot of artsy equipment around. A lot of the decorations were paintings, sculptures, and photographs all over the living room. I'm assuming that she is a huge fan of art; no wonder I love art as a child.

She escorts us to the living room and passed Mateo and me some refreshments and goodies.

''How are you?'' She asked.

''Good, I'm so happy that I'm here.''

''You should thank your handsome boyfriend, I wouldn't think he'll find me.''

''Well, I wanted to because, she's special, '' Mateo replied with a small smile.

''I bet so.'' My mother started to introduce me again and let me know how much she loves me and is willing to help me with anything.

Her name is Marisol. She was born here and was raised in Florida. During her adolescence, she met with my dad at a youth conference in church. As time flies, they both fell in love with each other and eventually went on to marriage.

"So what happened? Why did you and papa separate? Whenever I asked him he just can't tell me. He won't even looked at me in the eyes, " I replied.

"Sweetie, things just happened too fast between us. I wish I can tell you every detail but I just want you to respect the consequences that your father and I faced. It wasn't easy—-"

"—- But, I don't understand... how did you lose?"

"At the time, the court gave me a lawyer. I couldn't afford to hire one, but your father did because he was working and I was just a housewife."

"—- And this lawyer who helped you..."

"His name is Yves... Yves Paulis.''

My heart pounded hard to my mother's response. The last name clicked in my head to who she was referring to. Yves Paulis is Aidan's dad. Aidan fucking Paulis.Why didn't I see this coming? I'm more agitated more than I was earlier today. I can't believe this, it's all overwhelming.

Now that I found out, it's even harder for me to concentrate; and I already want to go back to the resort.

''I'm sorry baby, I did the best I can, '' she responded quickly.

''It's okay, I'm glad that I'm here with you.''

She got up from her s

oke up, '' said Aidan trying to catch a breath from running towards me.


''I'm telling you the truth! Cat! That's why I wanted to make amends to you back in Miami. I wanted to help for real. I promise you, I didn't know until my dad told me about finding someone: when he said it was your mom I-- I just... I'm sorry. But it's too late, I know you wouldn't forgive me so I forced myself to move on. I know what I said to you back in Amanda's wedding shower, that you were effortless---''


''--- Cat I was wrong. Okay? I never meant it, it was a dark time and I say things that I don't mean when I'm angry. I moved on, and also met someone and I'm... I'm getting married Cat, but, I just need you to forgive me.''

''Wait.... since when you're getting married?''

''Two months ago, I proposed. I getting married in April.

''You know what... I forgive you. But you know what else? I would NEVER forget. Goodbye, Aidan, I hope this is what you wanted.''

''Cat--'' Aidan them touched my arm to make me look at him directly. I shoved my arm away from him and glared at him one more time and walked back to the lobby.

Aidan is getting married and I'm over here still grieving of our relationship. Why can't I just let it go? I'm so fucking stubborn, I don't have the ability to do so. Mateo loves me and I love him too. This whole love triangle is a huge circus and it's never going to end.

Why does everything bad happen to me?

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