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"Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I'm pretty sure you're surprised of what's happening to DOSE, I hate to say it but we're closing the building to the due regard of allegations of Avery. Please, be respectful of the situation I do not want anything rumored around in the building. Keep your thoughts to yourself. MP Headquarters will be still running, I want everybody to continue what you are assigned and stay mute about this situation.Thank you, you're all dismissed."

Everyone in the meeting got up from their chairs and left out from the conference room. I was sitting in my chair rolling around and thinking about what happened. The crazy dramatic things that happened to Catalina and Kyle.

I don't understand why this is happening. It's all confusing and doesn't make any sense why Avery has to hurt the people who I'm close to.

Leaving the conference room, I checked my phone and saw that Catalina texted me saying that she would be hanging out with Mariana for the day.

On my way to DOSE, I parked at the lot and was breathing hard trying my hardest to not get so much anxiety.

There, I met up with Ivan Ferguson who I signed with a few months back. I called him earlier today to let him know that he is able to buy DOSE and relocate the building to New York.

"It's a marvelous deal Mateo, It was a dream of mine to be able to buy DOSE, this company is gigantic and it would be suitable for I.F. Manhattan Collections."

"I agree, I think it's an amazing deal and you're the perfect guy to help me finish this foundation."

"Couldn't agree with you." The truck movers finally came by at the building and I was instructing them where the furniture went and how they are placed.

Ivan and I continue to conversate with each other about DOSE and finding a common ground to negotiate a plan for the marketing and merchandise.

Ivan then begins to sign papers while I paid the moving company outside. Everything was empty inside of DOSE, there was not a single item inside the building. Ivan came to me with the papers and firmly gave me a handshake.

"Talk to you soon!" He said getting inside his limo.

"Yeah, talk to you soon."

Placing the papers in my briefcase, I opened the door to place the briefcase in the passenger seat. Then, I booted up my car and begin to drive down the street.As I navigate through the city, I glanced at my rear mirror and saw a black car following me in the rear of my car.

My anxiety begins to rise knowing that it was Avery following me. I then pressed my gas pedal with force and begin to swerve out from the street. Driving through the alley I stopped at full speed and served out to the end of the street and got of the car.

Avery finally g

''How are you feeling?'' She said.


'' Mateo... I'm sorry... I wish you I could've done something.''

''You don't have to be. It was all my fault.''

''Huh? What are you talking about it wasn't your fault, you were trying to---''

''-- Protect you? Yeah, I guess.''

''Why are you suddenly acting like this?''

''Because, Catalina, I'm paralyzed and I have seventy-five percent of hope to walk again. Which is a fucking lie.''

''No, don't say that. You will walk again I know it---''

''No, I won't. I don't think I could.''

''Mateo.... please...''

''-- And I don't think it'll be the same.''

''.. Please don't say that..''

''I'm going to be in a wheelchair for a long time... You can't be with someone like me..''

''Yes! Yes, I can! I promise I would take care of you until you are able to walk----''

''No, you can't..''

''So, w.. wh... what are you trying to say?''

''We shouldn't be together... Not like this.''

Catalina started to break down in tears in front of me harshly. I tightened my jaw and tried my hardest not to look at Catalina.My heart was weakened hearing her cry hard. Lifting my eyes slowly, I took a slight peek at Catalina.

Her eyes were beaming red and her mascara was running down on her face. I broke her heart because I'm too selfish enough for someone like Catalina to help me.

She then sniffs softly and took a last look at me and walked her way to the door. Before I could open my mouth, Catalina left the room.

I was going to change my mind but I didn't know why I was holding it back. I then pressed my eyes together and shed a tear, which then leads to crying.

Crying so hard to the point I couldn't breathe.

I lost Catalina because of I'm selfish.

Maybe everyone was right about me; I'm just an arrogant billionaire.

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