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   Chapter 17 NO.17

The Billionaire's One Night Stand By vee0821 Characters: 5275

Updated: 2018-05-08 15:01

Fucking hate this! Don't get him or why he's acting like he doesn't care! Why did I allow myself to be in this complete mess?



"Catalina?! Hey!" Mariana exclaimed with happiness. She was carrying her brown Chanel bag and ran like a penguin to me. I pressed my eyes together with shame; knowing that Mariana is Mateo's sister and how she's already attached to me.

''Hey, what are you doing here?''

''Well, heard little brother is in the city again, don't know why he'd come back so early from Cannes. But anyways how are you?'''

''I'm good, just leaving---''

''---Great, I was hoping if you can come to my party.''

''---Um no thanks Mariana---''

''--- Please? It's my birthday today and I really hope you can join me.''

She hands me over an invitation to her birthday party with a piece of candy to the side. I forced a smile at Mariana hoping to hypnotize her to change her mind. But from her facial expression, she's already pumped for me to go to her birthday party.

I looked down at the card and begin to read the location and other info.



TIME: 7:00 P.M.



Awh, fuck my life. Honestly.

On my way back home, I started to search around my closet finding a white dress to the party.

''No, no, no, '' I said skimming through the white dresses I have in the closet.

Finally, I made up my decision and went with the white romper added with gold straps around.After pampering myself together, I head out to my car and drov


''-- What do you want.''


''For what.''

''Being an asshole to you.''

''Breaking your own rules I see.''

''Quit being sarcastic.''

''Quit being heartless.''



''You can't even accept my apology?''

''It wasn't genuine, try again.'' He took a step closer to me and I can feel his cologne breezing under my nose. My hormones once again were kicking to attack him sexually. The more I want to fight it the harder it is for me to not touch him.

''You have to be so fucking stubborn, '' he said in a dark tone.

''You started it, '' I replied back. Our bodies were touching closely to each other along with our foreheads.

"Stop, " he whispered.

"Or what? You're going to spank me?"

Mateo then made one move to me which caused us to kiss each other slowly. Our tongues were interlocking on top with aggression.

I pushed myself back against the wall while he communicates his eyes to mine.

''Come with me, '' he said.

''Where to?''

''My place.''

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