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   Chapter 11 NO.11

The Billionaire's One Night Stand By vee0821 Characters: 5348

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''Good morning everyone!''

''Good morning Mr.Paiz, '' said everyone except for Catalina. I could tell she's upset about what happened last night. I know for a fact it's my fault for not telling her that I like her. Which I don't blame her at all.

I mean... I do like her a lot and I barely know her.

It just sucks separating my crush and business when it comes to Catalina. Never would I thought that I would crush so hard over a woman. But with her, I can't help myself.

Her ravishing curls, pearly teeth, her brown eyes, and that body... Jeez, I really want to touch her. Just one more time.

I was presenting a meeting for the brand's next step. Since the fashion week project is over I wanted us to open an MP Cannes Headquarters in Cannes, France. My cousin Manuel who is currently living in France is following me and my father's footsteps to continue the Paiz business.

''---- It's a long process but I want to make things work for the company to keep going, '' I said.

''It's brilliant! Are we are going to collaborate with other companies in France?'' said Linda.

''Well, one company name Soleil a Paris is wanting to collaborate with us during this journey. We are leaving in two days, they are offering a full ride of the flight and the suite. While we are there, they are going to provide us with the needs in order to build for the company.

''I love it, I'm down!'' said Ozzy, one of my members.

''Me too!'' said everyone else.

''Great, I would send you more information through your emails, any more questions just contact Catalina she would han

roses all around in the bouquets. I sent Linda a half smile then proceed to walk my way to Catalina before she leaves.

Before I opened the door to Catalina's office, I heard her talking on the phone with someone and she seemed to be irritated. I couldn't resist but to eavesdrop on what she was upset about.

''---Ugh, I don't know. It's horrible I guess, I mean no other girl would date a guy like him he's just so pushy.''

''Pushy?'' I whispered.

''--- And there's no way I could ever impress him like that."

''Huh? I whispered.

I shake my head densely then threw away the bouquet of flowers and left the room. I paced my way to the front as Linda came to me with excitement.

''How did it go?'' she asked.

''I didn't do it.''


''Because... um... she rejected me, '' I lied.

''Oh sweetie did you say something----''

''-- I have to leave.'' I walked away from Linda and went outside to catch a breather.

Is it true?

Does she really think I'm pushy?

Maybe it was meant to be.

Maybe I just don't need her at all.

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