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   Chapter 6 NO.6

The Billionaire's One Night Stand By vee0821 Characters: 5537

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''Mr.Paiz.... Oh, Mr. Paiz?'' said Ivan.

I was daydreaming about making out with Catalina. The new hair, her dress; showing off her ravishing curves. Man, that girl is killing me!

''Oh um sorry about that, of course.''

''Great, just need you to sign the papers, '' he said sliding the papers to me. I begin to sign the papers at the bottom line confirming my deal with Ivan. I then stood up from the chair and firmly gave him a handshake as he leaves the conference room.

From a distance, I could see Catalina fixing her hair all the way down and drinking a cool water. Man, she's literally so fucking sexy! When I first laid my eyes on her at the club, I couldn't resist but to know her a bit.

Although she did spill way too much info on the first day I didn't care because she made my night. That night we almost went all out to make love. Our tongues, Our touches.

The way she moaned in between the kisses turn me on so much that I just wanted to thrust inside of her. But she backed out quickly and left me hanging. Good thing that I had her Android and contacted her.

Entering in, my best friend Kyle greeted me with our brotherly handshake. Kyle and I are best friends since high school, his loud self always lightens up my day whenever we're around. He knows everything about me, my past, my family etc. I don't usually open up to no one except for him, he is family to me.

''What's going on bro?'' He said sitting down on the chair next to me.

''Nothing much, just meetings after meetings, you know the usual.''

''Ah, I bet. So listen, there's a cultural festival tonight, I was hoping you'll come this year.''

ged it off and begin to cruise around the crowd. From afar, I saw Catalina with her hair fully down dancing on a guy.

My heart rate begins to pump faster, my fingers were sweating, I can feel my brows arching to the guy.

What is this feeling?

Am I being jealous?

Jealous of the guy dancing with Catalina.

I took a deep breath and begin to walk towards to Catalina was. Suddenly, a random girl blocked me away from reaching Catalina and was starstruck to see me.

''Can I please get an autograph?'' She said smiling at me like a four-year-old.

''Um, no thanks.''

''Please! Just one take, that's all.''

''Alright.'' She then pulls out her phone and begins to take a selfie with me.

''Thank you! Thank you!'' she shrieked then leaves me by myself. I then continue to walk and realized that Catalina wasn't there.

''Where is she?'' I whispered to my self.

I was targeting my eyes around trying to find where she was but there was no sign at all.

''Mateo?'' Kyle said from a distance.


"Get your ass over here man you're missing out.''


Kyle :

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