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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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"Mmm, "' I said groaning out of my bed and walking to the front door.

I feel like shit from yesterday.

My back is aching and my throat is dry. I drank so much the other day I can't even remember what happened.

Opening the door lightly, there, a short middle-aged woman was standing there with a huge smile.

"Um, how can I help you?" I said.

"Excuse me, but Mr.Paiz sent me this to you. Your phone."

"I don't need it anymore. Thank you have a nice——"

"——- He wants to see you."



"As in Mateo Paiz."

"Right. The limo is outside, you should get ready I'll take you to him." I pressed my lips together and sighed with a frustration.

Why the hell he wants to see me?

I already gave him my name yet he doesn't want to leave me alone.

Doesn't make any sense.

I hopped in the shower and rinse my body off with the hot water. Then, I brushed my teeth and begin to change my burgundy strapped dress with nude heels.

I fixed my hair all the way down and grabbed my favorite vanilla perfume and spray it all over my body then walked out with my mini black purse and a beige jacket.

"You're very beautiful, " she said.


Inside the limo, I sat near the window and look through the glass examining the outdoors in Miami.

We finally came to our destination and I was out walking through the double doors. The lady escorted me to the elevator then walked out to the double doors to my left side.

The doors were closed with a cursive print that says "Mateo Paiz". The lady types a code for us to enter the room.

There he was standing there with a notebook in his hand and his phone by his ear. He scans his eyes at me and begins to stutter on the phone.

"I'll call you back, " he said.

"— Sir, Ms.Catalina, " the lady said.

"—-Thank you, Linda." She walks away slowly and closes the door behind me.


'd you find me?" I said.

"You're phone number I just hired someone to help me to find you."

"Well, I don't need you to find me so no thanks."

"Didn't you need a job?"

"What makes you think I need a job."

"You were talking about how your ex-boyfriend broke up with you because you're effortless. And you don't have a job—-"

"—- I don't recall, never said that—"

"—- Um, you did. You don't remember because you were drinking vodka. Like chugging on vodka."

"Making shit up."

"I'm not. Plus, you said and I quote there's no chance for me to even work with you and I said bet."

"So that's why you reached out to me."


"Well, here's a thought. Don't take things serious from someone like me who was sober last night."

"Sure I guess. But I can say that kiss was mighty fine and very serious." I gulped hard down on my throat with embarrassment. I can't believe he said that!

He was forcing a smirk on the side waiting for me to answer his question. Does he really have to be such a jerk?


"Sooo do you want the offer."


"I'm gonna ask again, do you want the offer."

"Why do you care?"

"Cause I know you desperately need a job."

"—-And if I say yes."

"—- then I'd place you as my personal assistant."

"— don't you have one already?"

"—- yeah but she was fired this morning."

"—Fine. I'll take the offer that way you can shut up."

"Great, you'll start tomorrow."

He pulls out a file of a paper and hands over to me. I then got to the double doors and walked away to the elevator and opened the file.

I scan at the title "The Rules".

"The rules?" I said.

I then begin to read the subtitle that explains the rules and regulations.

This is a mandatory rules that I expect from you. You must follow these in order to keep your position as a personal assistant. If you break one rule, you're fired.

No excuses.

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