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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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''Holy fuck, you look so damn gorgeous! Ay mami! '' said Sabrina. We got out of the taxi car and was standing outside from the club. I fixed my crop top and bottom skirt nervously looking at my surroundings.

''ID's ladies?'' said the security guard. We show our ID's to the security guard while he confirms to us that we can enter in.

''Alright let's start with vodka!'' said Sabrina.

''Sab... Vodka?''

''Yeah, you're single.Why not?"

''I'm not---''

''Catalina, you're drinking it. Loosen up girl! Two shots of vodka please!"'

The girl nods her head then proceeds to pour vodka into our drinks. It's been a minute since I drink. I can taste the heaviness from the drink in my mouth that made me wanted to giggle my body.

''That's it girl!'' Sabrina encouraging me and patting my back three times.

''Shit. It's strong.''

''It's vodka what do you expect?!"

''Alright ladies and gentlemen come to the dance floor for some fun reggae and RnB music mix!"' said the DJ. Sabrina immediately whooed and sprint her way to the dance floor leaving me behind the bar.

''Great, '' I mumbled then continue to drink.

''----Long day huh?'' A dark voice echoed from my right. I turned my head slowly from the side and glanced at a tall young man looking at me sexually.

He sat down next me and smirk softly from the side. I looked at his dark green eyes then down to his pink full lips. His bulky shoulders were toned through his baby-blue long sleeve polo.

''Yeah, I guess, '' I said mumbling again.

''Not much of a talker I see."

''Well that's because it was a shitty day.''

''I'm sorry to hear that, you're too beautiful to even have a shitty day.''

''Are you done talking to me?''

''You don't wanna talk to me? Do you even know who I am? I'm Mateo Paiz.''

I glared at him with foolishness then begin to snicker and said ''Pshh, yeah okay.'' His eyebrows arched puzzledly not knowing what to say after my sarcasm statement. I knew who Mateo Paiz is.

Mateo Paiz is a billionaire from the MP Headquarters. He's the CEO of his own father's company that advertises in high-end fashion industries. Mateo is the typical bad-boy stereotype: flirtatious, arrogant, and cold-hearted. I've read a couple articles about his past with girls he dated. He's not my type, and there's no way in hell that I'm his.

''Are you serious?'' He responded.

''You expect me to believe that you're Mateo Paiz, the billionaire.''

''I'm sensing sarcasm.''

''Mm, well I am. Leave my drunk ass alone.''

? ? ?I need your body in ways

That you don't understand but I'm losing my patience

'Cause we've been going over and over again

Girl, I just wanna take you home and get right to it.........? ? ?

The music was blasting loudly which eventually made me got up from my seat and slowly walked to the Ladies restroom. I washed my hands, fixed my outfit and begin to breathe in and out slowly. Then, I walked from the restroom and suddenly felt a grip on my hand pulling against me.

I turned my body with force and saw Mateo standing there with a sexual expression on his face.

''I told you to leave me alone, "'I said in a dark tone.

''After you tell me your name.''

''Catalina, friends call me Cat. There, leave me alone.''

''Why are you so mean?"

''Because maybe my drunk self is single and not ready to mingle sooo.. yeah.''

''Oh I'm sorry.''

''You say that you're sorry but you don't mean it.''

'If I t

old you that I can make you feel better, would you believe me?''

''What billionaire like you wants to make me feel better.''

''I have my ways. Come with me.'' He walks to the elevator which made my dumb self-followed him. We elevated to the rooftop and walked outside, the music was still around on the rooftop but not so much.

We sat on a bench and begin to continue to drink. It was quiet, way too quiet. The air was breezing through softly causing my hair to flap around in a rapid motion. I can feel my body crawling with goosebumps when I smell Mateo's cologne under my nose. The kind of smell to attack your man when he's dressed up fresh and sexy. That kind.

''Why here?'' I asked.

''Because It's quiet.''

''Why me?''

''You seem like you need some company.''

''I already have some company.''

''With who?''

''My best friend even though she's probably dancing with a guy on the dancefloor.'' He softly chuckles and drank his beer then heaved a sigh.

I look back at him then look at the ground and drink as well.

As soon I wanted to look back at him he was glaring at me with hunger in his eyes. Supringsly, I was doing the same to him. His juicy face is delicious: craving me to jump on him and make love. No wonder he gets the girls, he's incredibly sexy.

Our faces were close to each other breathing softly on each others nose. Then, he slithered his tongue into my mouth causing me to immediately to moan. We begin to interlock our tongues softly in a rapid motion. His hands were scanning all over my body fast. My breasts begin to harden quickly as my legs received goosebumps.

He then released a soft texture to my neck kissing it nice and slow. I then gasped and snapped into reality freaking out that I'm about to make love with a billionaire. While his hands were slithering in my panties, I eventually gave up the pleasure.

''Stop, '' I whispered.

''Mmm?'' He replied.

''Stop. Please, '' I whispered again. He then stops kissing me and looked at me with confusion.''Sorry I can't do this.'' I got up from my seat and begin to pace to the door.

''Wait! Hold up!''

I then run into the elevator and close it immediately. I went back to the dance floor and found Sabrina talking with a guy near the entrance.

''Sab! Sabrina! Let's go!'' I exclaimed.

''What? Why? I thought you were having fun?!''

''Yeah... Well, I'm getting sick so can we please leave now.''

''Alright, fine.'' Sabrina mouthed to the guy ''call me'' while I drag her out to the club and went inside to a taxi. ''What the hell Cat, I was about to get some tonight!"

''Sorry I just need to leave.''

''Hey, it's okay. I understand. Anyways, can you call the pizza place from the plaza down from your street? I'm starving!"

''Okay.'' I begin to search for my purse trying to figure out where the hell is my phone. ''Fuck! I left my phone at the club!''

''Damn Catalina, you wanna---''

''---Forget about it, it's not even a suitable phone.''

''Really? Just like that?''

''I mean it's an Andriod.''

''True that. No offense.'' Sabrina then pulls out her lipgloss and begin to reapply it on her lips. I frustratedly let go of a sigh and placed my head on the window.

This day has to be one of the worst.

I'm single.

And Almost got a laid with a billionaire but I chickened out.

And lastly, my Andriod phone is probably still on the counter or floor at the club.

My life is hell.

Absolute hell.

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