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   Chapter 55 NO. 55

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Sumbul's POV:

My ears perked as soon as Ehtesham Bhai mentioned Maliha's Api name. Since Apiya and I overheard her the other day, I couldn't help being cautious. Maliha Api is an extremely selfish jealous girl. Therefore, I asked Asaaf to keep an eye on her, which he gladly did when I told him about the situation. Right now, I wanted to call Asaaf but Haider's Bhai presence stopped me from it.

"Sumbul, please help Taha before he destroys his clothes." I quickly turned to Taha who was trying to insert the straw in juice pack.

"Let me help you with this." I offered him help which he gladly took.

"I told her not to go out of the sight." Grumbled Haider Bhai after a while.

I think she did the right thing...

"Sumbul. Finish your food, we are leaving as soon as Apiya comes back." He said glaring at the place where she went.

"Bhai, aren't you going to eat?" I asked.

"I lost my appetite."

"Then why don't we ask them to pack our food. Apiya wouldn't eat too." He nodded turning his head to look for a waiter.

I also want to run away from here. Haider Bhai is becoming more like Nuwair Bhai day by day and his anger is quite scary. I don't know about Apiya, but handling him would be out of my hand.

Within the next ten minutes, we were leaving our seats. Haider Bhai went to car parking with Sadaf while I was told to wait for Apiya. But instead standing on one place I started to check out where Apiya was. Holding Taha's hand my eyes searching for her when I saw Maliha Api walking briskly towards the exit.

What is she doing herejQuery214027568785733730605_1565626677263?

I stared her in shock until she was out of my sight.

What's going on here???

I quickly took out my phone and called Apiya, which she quickly pick and told me to wait where I was. Within two or three minutes she was standing before me with a scowl on her face.

I have a bad feeling about this...

"...Apiya, Haider Bhai is waiting outside."

"Okay, let's get." She grabbed my hand and start dragging me outside.

All the way back to the house and even later none of us bring up the topic of Ehtesham Bhai, like a silent agreement has been made to remain silent. As soon as I got the chance I ask all the details of Maliha Api's activities from Asaaf and he reported everything like a pro-spy. I was quite surprised only until the moment when he told me that he spent all his day today playing Xbox, therefore, he cannot say anything about today. I wanted to rub his face against the wall that time but refrain myself from doing so. I need him now because he is the only one who can stick around with Maliha Api if being asked.

Before going to sleep I peeked inside Apiya's room. Unlike any other day, she wasn't talking to Sheheryar Bhai over the phone but staring into space while holding it.

"Apiya?" I said coming inside the room, "Is there something wrong?"

"No, not at all." She put her phone on a side, "I am unable to contact with Sheheryar." She sighed.


"I don't know. Both of his numbers are switched off."

"Oh, have you tried calling home on landline number?"

"Hm, Kaka received the call."

"What he said?"

"Sheheryar told him that he is going out of town for some urgent business."

"So... why are you so worried? Maybe he is on his way and will contact you later."

"I know... but..." I waited for her to complete her sentence but she kept quiet.


"Can you sleep here tonight?" She asked all of the sudden. I wanted to cling to her tonight, who knows she might decide to open up about what happened today.

"Sure, I don't mind."

"Thanks" She forced a smile, which made me worry.

Why are you upset Apiya???


The next morning was unexpectedly silent. Stepping out of the room I found all cousins in the living room with a somewhat worried expression on their faces, specially Apiya's face was pale as ghost but Nuwair Bhai looked furious and Bhabi was trying to cool him down, I guess. Carefully taking large steps I came behind Asaaf.

"Why is everyone here?" I whisper, but instead of answering me he tilted his head, mentioning me to come to the other side, which I did.

"Sheheryar Bhai is here." He said as soon as we were out of ear reach.

"What?" I find it hard to believe.

"I don't know what exactly happened, but when I went out of the room, he was asking about Maliha Api."

"What? Why?" My eyes went wide.

"No one knows, he said he wanted to talk to her alone and asked Apiya to pack her bags."

"Wh- wait a minute, is he here to take Apiya back?"

"It seems so."

"So what did Apiya say and others? Papa didn't say anything to him?"

"He did and Baba Jani too. They also wanted to know the reason behind his sudden visit and about the demand of meeting Maliha Api."

"What did he say? He didn't refuse right?"

Asaaf sighed and said, "I don't know yar. Because all them went to the drawing room after it and Papa stopped us to go there."

"And where is Maliha Api?"

"She is also in the room too."

"Oh!" She wasn't in the living room, I didn't notice it.

"Asaaf, go back in the living room. I will be right back."

"Where are you going?"

"Backyard. Their voices can be heard from there."

"I am coming too."

"No, you should be there. You know Nuwair Bhai's anger right and if Apiya needs me, give me a call. Okay?" I said and rushed towards the backyard.

What the hell I am doing, eavesdropping isn't a decent thing to do...

A thought popped up in my mind, but only for a moment.


"I only want to know what was her intention. The situation she created could easily be lead to misunderstanding... Maliha Do you really want that?" I gulped hearing Sheheryar Bhai's serious voice. It sounded no less frightening then Baba Jani and Papa's, when they are angry.

Silence engulfed the room for few moments until Baba Jani's voice boomed, "Answer the question Maliha... What were you trying to do by sending that video to him."

What video???

"I... I-" Came Maliha Api's teary voice but before she could say anything else Bari Ami (Wife of Father's big brother) interrupted, "Sheheryar, she made a mistake and look she is sorry about that. Wouldn't it be better if you forgive him, she is like your little sister after all."

"That's exactly why I am asking the reason instead to blaming Fiza for what she has done... Do you realize Maliha that if I tell your in-laws you were trying to break your sister house, they might cancel your engagement or perhaps stop Qasim


I mentally scolded my heart while clenching my cell phone.

"Are you planning to squeeze it?" Suddenly his hand was upon mine.

He was making fun of me, referring to the punch to threw at Ehtesham. It is unfathomable to me why he enjoys so much reminding me of that day. Usually, I get angry on it and give a remark but right now... the buzzing feeling inside my heart made me unable to think or speak anything.

"You must be tired." I said when I kept silent, "You should've stayed there and rested for the night. I wouldn't mind coming back tomorrow."

I am sure he would come and yes, he didn't ask me to go with him. However, his presence there was enough to tell the reason and without thinking, I got ready.

"Home is the best place to rest." I said staring at our hands, as his fingers intertwined with mine.

"Indeed, it is." He squeezed my hand gently.

"The moon looks beautiful." Said Sheheryar gazing at the moon through the windscreen.

"... can you stop the car for a minute?"

"Why? Is everything alright?"

"Let's view this landscape for a while." Sheheryar nodded and stopped the car on aside.

Glancing at the two peaceful sleeping faces on the back seat, I opened the door and stepped outside. Looking at the small town from the top of the hill in a full moon night was more beautiful then I thought. Sheheryar also joined me and we both stood side by side leaning against the car.

"People like me who was born and brought up in big cities rarely had the luxury to enjoy such scenery." I said staring at the river which shines like a silver thread flowing near the town.

"I agree."

"If it weren't for you, I also might not have this luxury." I turned my face to him.

"Will it be too much to say that you are happy to be here with me?" He smiled.

I didn't answer him, instead and circle my arm around his.

"Sheheryar, can Sumbul stay with us for a few months?"

"Sure, you don't have to ask this but why though?"

"I might need someone in the future and she is very close to the kids. Also, ... she is extremely excited." I lean to his shoulder.

"Excited? About what?"

My heart started pounding so hard in my chest as I said this, "About welcoming a new member in our family."

"...Wait, ... what are you talking about?" He quickly stood straight.

I left his arm and put my finger on the back seat window, "I am talking about their cousin."

There was a moment of silence, both of us didn't say anything. My eyes were fixed on him, as stood frozen in his place, probably overviewing what I had said.

An audible breath escaped from his mouth, "Fiza, can you clearly say what have you said earlier? I am having a hard time believing it." He said in a somewhat shaky voice.

"Sheheryar Sahab, I thought you were smarter than this."

"I never claim to be a smart person." He said in a defeated voice.

"Our family will soon have a fifth memb-" Before I could finish, I was engulfed in a tight hug.

"Sheheryar, even if no one comes here at this time of night, it is still the road." I quickly pushed him away.

"I-I am sorry, ... I just couldn't stop my self." Happiness was dripping from his voice and all of a sudden he started pacing back and forth. It was funny, I have never seen him like this.

"Should we go home?"

"Yes, sure." He said and opened the car door for me.

"Today will be one of my unforgettable days." He said closing the door.

"And what are others." I asked when he seated on the driver's seat.

"... The day I realize that you have accepted my proposal, our wedding day and...."


"The day you punched Ehtesham." He grinned and I facepalm myself.

The night is beautiful and so is the journey ahead of us...



Salam and hello everyone!

Finally, the journey has come to an end. This was probably one of the simplest stories I have written and most of you didn't want it to end like this, but this is what I had in mind so I couldn't go against it.

Anyways, thank you very much for all the support whether it is related to 'You are Mine' issue and delays in updates. You guys were always there and believe me if it weren't for your comments, I would've stopped writing long ago.

Please vote and comment and I will try my best to answer you all.

Love you!

Take Care :)

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