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   Chapter 54 NO. 54

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Fiza's POV:

Leaning against the headboard, I waited for Sheheryar's response. I told him about Ehtesham's calls and today's conversation with his mother. Spending all day at Qudsia's house made me tired and after that troublesome encounter with Ehyesham's mother drained all of my energy. The best thing happened that no one in the house brought up this topic in front of me for the rest of the evening. After dinner, I directly come to my room with Taha and Sumbul took Sadaf with her to the guest room.

"I see... so, what he said?" Asked Sheheryar in his usual calm tone.

"I told you, I didn't listen to him at all."

"Hm... His calls were the reason you looked so troubled. I thought you were worried about your father."

"Both our relation and Baba Jani are important to me. I couldn't ignore any of it and, ... I am sorry. I tried to tell you before, but couldn't find a right time." I said leaning to the headboard.

"Fiza, ... you made a big deal out of nothing."


He chuckled and said, "Yes. Besides, I should be the one to say sorry here."


"Because I often meet Humaima and get calls from her but never thought of telling you about it."

"Oh!" I don't know how to respond but it shocked me a little.

"Hm, it isn't like I was planning to keep it a secret, rather it is unimportant to me."

"I see."

So such things are unimportant to him...



"Why your mood suddenly changed?"

"No, it didn't."

"Tell me, do you mind my connection with Humaima?"

"... I don't know what sort of connection you have with her and why?" I didn't try to hide irritation and for some reason, he laughed on it.

"Why are you laughing?"

"I am just happy, It's rare for you to show your annoyance about the things that displeased you. Especially when it comes to me, so I am happy that you finally try to step out of the 'I have no problem' attitude."

I... guess I did...

"Listen, Humaima and I were both classmates, in short, we both belong to the same profession. So, directly or indirectly we had to contact each other because of work and since we both have some shares in a company so our meetings are unavoidable too."

"I didn't know that."

"Of course you don't, because I never told you. But I hope you don't avoid going in dinners with me from now on." He laughed again.

"I avoid because I don't want to leave kids at home, alone."

"I know. These types of dinners have no place for kids."

"Don't worry, they will go with us from now on."

"Oh? Why you suddenly come to this decision?" He was enjoying himself.

"Just want to make sure that others don't misunderstand anything."

He laughed out loud and say, "To put it simply, you want to show that I am off limits since I have wife and kids???" I didn't answer him.

"Good, at least I am not the only one who is jealous here." He sounds satisfi

at least Taha would do, which I don't want.

"Ami told me how you insulted her and said some wonderful things for me." He waited for my response but I didn't give any.

"You know, since you got married to Sheheryar I was worried about you that he might be using you and your family to build up weight in his business circle but now I think you deserve being used like this. A person who disrespects my parents does not deserve my sympathy."

"I disrespect your mother? So what was Auntie doing by targetting my Dadi (grandmother)? And listen, if defending is a synonym of disrespect in your dictionary then you need to buy a proper one."

"Oh, now you are going to blame my mother for it. At least have some shame... Oh, I am sorry. That word doesn't exist in 'your dictionary' right? A woman who invited a man into the home behind her husband couldn't know what shame is. I should've guessed that day."

I stare at him in disbelief, what the hell he is talking???

"Don't give me that shocked look. I saw that Sheheryar leaving that night when I came late from the office. Tell me, were you aiming for him from the start or it was him who made the first move?" He narrowed his eyes at me with a smirk on his face.

I inhale a deep breath to control my anger and said, "You know, since our first meeting, when you told me about Sania. I wanted to do something, yet I always find reasons to hold myself back. But, I won't do it anymore." Without thinking we were standing in a public place, I lift my hand and punched his face with all my might. He stumbled but steadies himself quickly.

"Keep your filthy mouth shut Mr. Ehtesham Ghori. If you say one more word about me or my family, then I will definitely show you how to build pressure on someone's business by using family." With that, I turned on my heels and left.

Sorry Sheheryar, I said I will stay away from him...


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