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   Chapter 53 NO. 53

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Fiza's POV:

"Yes, I went to clinical for a checkup today." Sheheryar said in a convincing voice.

"Did you tell the doctor about your headache too?"

"I did."

"What did he say?" I asked patting the back of sleeping Taha beside me. Since Sheheryar left this is how I spent the most part of nights, talking with him and it's strange that we never feel the loss of topics to talk about.

"He said that I have been looking to very bright things lately and prescribe the use of sunglasses before watching you."

"What?" I didn't understand what he said but instead of answering me he only chuckled.

"... I miss you Fiza." His voice came like a whisper.

There he goes again, saying such things out of the blue and leaving a giddy feeling inside me.

He said he misses me like me could be important to him. So important that he would miss me...

"... I miss you too."

"You should've have stopped me from leaving." He sighed.

"You should've taken me with you."

"...Yes, I should have, " He said after a pause, "You know Fiza, recently I came to know a few characteristics about myself, which were unknown to me before."

"Which are?"

"I have realized that I am selfish, impatient and a little insecure... Therefore, I fear that I will make mistakes, my emotions could go out of control and at times hard to handle... Especially when you confess your feelings to me... The time I spent abroad and each moment I spent now without you is similar to a punishment to me... you are not here, every time this thought surface up in my mind I want to come flying to you...If it weren't for your father and Chachu, I would've brought you with me. I am quite ashamed to admit it but it was only the respect for elders that made me overcome my selfishness. Otherwise, I might not be able to let us apart again for this long."

Unable to understand how to response him I kept quiet while staring into space. My face started to feel hot just like when he touches me.



"Why you suddenly went quite?"

Becuase I don't know how to answer your affection...

"... When will you come?" I asked.

"What is the date of Maliha's engagement?"

"Next Sunday."

"I will be with you on Saturday night."

"I will wait."

"It's nice to hear that someone will wait for me." I heard after a soft chuckle.

It's nice to wait for someone...


"Ami..." I heard a voice with a touch on my face. I forced open my eyes and find Taha's face almost upside down.

"Ya Allah." I gasped and quickly got up.

It took me few moments to regain my senses and the next thing I know that Taha crawling up to me and sat on my lap.

"You scared me Taha." My heart is still hammering against my chest.

After talking with Sheheryar over the phone almost all night, I barely got any sleep and woke up in the morning with this unexpected sight. The level of helplessness is undefinable when your offender sits on your lap and looks at you innocently.

Praise to all parents...

I sighed.

"Assalam o Alaikum Taha." I said bye to my sleep since my little prince is awake.

"Ami bhook (hungry)."

"Answer my Salam first."

"Waalaikum Assalam..." He said in his usual shy manner.

I don't understand why kids shy so much while doing Salaam???

"Good boy. Now what you want to eat?"


"But we don't have cookies."

"Nana (grandfather) brought yesterday." He grinned ear to ear.

Oh right! I forgot that Chachu also doesn't leave any chance to spoil these two. No wonder he got so hungry early in the morning.

"I see, so you want to eat cookies?" He nodded in response.

"Okay, only if you eat a full boiled egg."

"No, cookies."

"Full egg."

"I want to eat COOKIES...." He almost shouted.

"Taha, if you shout then Nana will hear you and you know he doesn't like disobedient kids."

"Ami, cookies..." He whined snuggling his head into my chest.

"Okay, one cookie before eating egg and rest after it." He nodded and with that, we made a deal. It was another matter that Chachu joined us for breakfast and Taha was forced to eat the whole egg before any cookie.

Poor kid...

"Fiza, Nuwair and his wife are going with Haider for shopping today. If you are free today then go with brothers and Maliha on shopping."

"Sure Chachu."

"Asaaf will have my credit card so you buy whatever you like."

"Thank you Chachu but...Sheheryar said that he will do our shopping after coming back and... he gave me his credit card before going."

Chachu chuckled and said, "I hope he doesn't regret this later."

"What do you mean?"

"Handing over his credit card to you. I would never do such a thing even if your


"Fiza beta, " Said Chachu leaving my hand which he was holding all this time, "I think you owe your auntie and explanation since you are the only one who knows how Ami raised a girl in her watch." The way he said that was like giving me the permission to put aside all the respect for her and fight for myself as well as for the pride I have on the upbringing of my Dadi (grandmother).

"There is no point in crying over spilled milk, things of the past cannot be undone." Mom tried to end the topic, but I wasn't planning to leave the things hanging in the mid-air anymore.

"You are right mom. There is no point in crying over spilled milk, but none of you have cared when the milk was about to spill." I gave her and Auntie a tight smile.

"We were on your back from the start Fiza, you knew that." Reasoned, Auntie.

"What how did it benefit me?" I shot the question at her. "A woman lives her life with her husband, not with parents-in-law. In-laws come after the relation of marriage but when the marriage has no meaning then what is the value left of in-laws?"

Indeed they had cared for me, I had loving in-laws, a handsome looking wealthy husband and every outer beauty of life that a girl wished for. But his looks weren't for me, his charming personality was to please someone else. His wealth has no meaning for me I was never greedy. His big house was never a home for me. Home is supposed to be a place where people can make you feel belonged. Safty and warmth, the confidence someone will shelters you in rainy days, listen to you what you want to say and just be with you. These are the feelings only a husband can give, not in-laws.

"What else we could've done for you? We trusted you turn our son into the right direction and supported you in every way we could."

"Girls are not domesticated animals to pull the bullock cart all alone and you can blame them to take the wrong turn. They are meant to support the car which was already on track. Whether the car went on the right path or wrong we cannot have full control over it unless the other wheels follow us. But why should a woman have to be blamed when the other wheel is unable to move in any direction or refuse to co-operate?"

"... Beta I am not blaming you, I just wished that you would've waited a little longer." All of the sudden her tone turned soft.

"For what reason Auntie? A man who didn't even bother to spare a glance of care and affection to the girl who came to his house under Nikkah, what is there for me to wait?... The way I am raised by my Dadi thought me many things and one of them is the right taking decision for myself. Living under that Nikkah was morally and religiously wrong, so I did what was best for me and I don't regret it then, now or ever will. Anything would be better from the life your son gave me. Now excuse me, it is about the time when Sheheryar calls me." With that, I got up and left the room.

After a very long time, I feel free from the burden of the thoughts that I had to confront a few people and put a seal on their mouth forever.


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