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Fiza's POV:

"Baba Jani, Chachu, I need your permission to take our leave. He needs to be at work and I can't overlook Sadaf's school too." I said to both as I got the chance to meet them alone.

"We were just talking about it a few moments ago." Said Baba Jani and asked Chachu to continue.

"Just before Bhai Sahab's accident, a proposal had come for Maliha. The boy is her classmate and they like each other. He seems like a nice person and his family is decent too. Since our all of the family is here, we were thinking to make it official."

"Oh, that's a very good news." I smiled, " But isn't it too early? ... I mean .... it will take time to do the background check right?"

"I have already look into it and informed her through her mother. Besides, both of that mother and daughter don't listen to anyone once they have set their minds on something. Therefore, it is better not to delay this matter." Said Baba Jani in his usual nonchalant tone which was once only subjected towards me.

"Qasim's family were asked to do the engagement next month, but none of us can come again so soon." Said Chachu and I nodded in agreement.

"So, have you talked to his family? I mean about doing engagement this month?" I asked.

"Yes, they will be coming tomorrow to discuss the date and the venue. But before, we want to ask you that will you be staying till then?" Asked Chachu.

"I don't think it can be possible, at least not for Sheheryar. But I will ask him."

"There is no need. I will talk to him and don't tell him about the proposal too. Although everything is decided still, it is proper to ask for his advice. He is also a part of this family now." Baba Jani answered instead of Chachu.

A warmth spread into my whole body after knowing his thoughts about Sheheryar. I nodded in response to Baba Jani and excused myself. Mom didn't tell me anything about Maliha's proposal I heard of it from Sumbul and Chachi. It didn't bother me that they kept me dark yet a small feeling of sadness surfaced up, which subsided the next moment. Who cares about them when Baba Jani informed me by himself.

Lost in my own thoughts I was walking towards Nuwair's room when I was suddenly yanked into the kitchen by someone. I quickly turn around and saw Sumbul asking me to stay silent by putting a finger on her lips.

"Wh-" But before I say anything a sharp whisper made me quite.

It was Malisha's voice saying, "Why does Baba Jani has to call everyone? And why the hell they have to meet Qasim's family?"

Her angry tone is not unusual to me but I didn't want Sumbul to hear it. I tried t dragged her out of the kitchen but she didn't budge.

"If you want an answer then go ask you

o, what is the answer?" He asked with amusement.

"I haven't figured yet."

"Well, then will you allow me to help you?"

"I don't need your help." I couldn't help myself from blushing. I can feel my cheeks getting hot.

"Hm... I guess you are right. You gaze at me more then I look myself in the mirror."

I opened my mouth to answer him but no words came out of it.

"On the second thought, I can't properly see my back on the mirror too but you can. Means you can observe me from each angle."

The topic of conversation, his teasing smile with that heated gaze. He would be to blame if I die right now.

"Sheheryar, I need to pack your stuff." I said trying to free my hands from his grip. I couldn't control the rapid heartbeats of mine, so it's better to divert my attention.

"Calling my name with a flustered smile on a blushed face. It is a rare sight for me. Should I take this as an invitation?" With a small jerk, I was pulled closer to him.

"N-no." I quickly shook my head but the wide smile on his face said that my answered has been ignored and I have no place to run.


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