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I called Uncle to inquire about the condition of Fiza's father and informing him about our departure from here. Keeping the current situation of Fiza's house in mind I have decided to take Fiza direct to the hospital and after paying a visit we will go to the hotel room I have rented for us. It's not like I don't know about what happened between Fiza and her parents. Uncle Mazhar has filled me in on everything before our Nikkah. Therefore, I find it unnecessary to burden her more than this. Now the only thing remains is to tell Fiza, which worries me the most. I hate the look of sorrow on her face, but it is something I cannot hide from her. Sitting in the living room I watched her running around all over the house, giving instruction to Kaka who was busy in making dinner and nodding on everything she says. At the same time she was packing the bags for us and handling the curious Taha and whenever I step forward to help her out she says some comforting words and made me sit again. Her logic behind this was unfathomable to me but I had no other option to do as she said.

Within an hour or so, we were ready to leave to the airport, her skills of managing things really amazed me once again. Reminding me all over again that she is indeed a very good example of a perfect housewife and how blessed my life has become with her in it.


"Sheheryar, are we going to the hospital directly?" Asked Fiza when we come out from the airport.

"Yes, later we will go to the hotel."

"But Auntie will be there and we can't take kids to the hospital."

"I have already manage these things." I said pointing towards a car waiting for us. I thought it was better to rent a car so you don't have to go through the trouble of taking a cab.

"Did you call Auntie? How is Uncle now?"

"He is better now." I sighed shifting the sleeping Taha from my one shoulder to the other.

The driver came out of the car and hand over me the keys of the car. I have to tell Fiza about her father before reaching the hospital and need some privacy, so driving is a better option for now.

"Fiza, do you want to eat something?" I asked while starting the car just to keep up a conversation.

"No, I am not hungry."

"Can you keep talking to me? It will divert my mind a little." I want to keep hearing her voice, her soothing words helping me to understand how should I treat her later.

"Instead of getting worried, pray Allah that we will get better soon. Okay?"

I nodded and said, "Fiza."

"Ji (yes)?"

"I got a call from your Chachu today."

"I see, what did he say?"

"Just asking about everyone."

"I haven't called him for a while, he must have been angry."

"No, he wasn't. Instead, he was expecting you to meet here."

"Where?" She tilted her head, giving me a questioning look.

"Where we are going."

".... hospital? Is he in the hospital? What happened to him?" Before she started to get panic I quickly grabbed her hand.

"He is fine Fiza, don't panic and first hear me out."

I didn't say anything for awhile, just keep driving with one hand while holding her hand from the other.

"Say it already." She said in teary voice when we were about to reach the parking area of the hospital.

"Let me park the car first. Take out your phone and call Uncle. Tell him that we are here." She nodded and turn to take her bag.

"Sheheryar, .... my hand." She shook my hand when I didn't leave hers.


"Chachu? Assalam o Alaikum. How are you? We are coming to the hospital, where are you?" She said everything in a single breath.

"...Okay, we will wait for you at the entrance." On hearing Uncle's answer, she mumbled and end the call.

"He said he is fine, then why are we here?"

I turn off the car's engine and turned to her, "Your father had an accident. Right now his condition is much better, the injuries weren't dangerous but because of his age and the loss of blood put him in critical condition earlier. Therefore, Uncle called me to inform you." I was expecting the same panic response from her but instead, she sat silently staring into space.


"Did Chachu asked you to bring me here?"

"He didn't actually ask me but.... it doesn't matter Fiza, we are here now."

"Baba Jani said... he doesn't want to see me anymore." She said like confessing a crime.

"He probably is sleeping now, you can see him and come back. No need to stay there if you don't want."

She remained silent, her eyes were still staring into space. Lost, confused, afraid, I can't understand her feelings from the look on her face. I waited for a minute but when her position didn't change I got out from the car opened the door on her side and drag her out.

"If have we arrived here then we are not leaving without meeting your father, Okay." She gazed at me with wide eyes.

"Don't be hard on yourself so much or you will regret this later. Sadaf, will you stay with Taha for a while?" She nodded her head enthusiastically.

"Wait, don't leave them here alone."

"It will be a matter of few minutes. Uncle will take you to the room and I will come ba


I know he will keep refusing everything I will ask and I also understand the level of his fatigue. Since the night he came from his tour he didn't rest properly. On the first day he was busy with me and kids, the next day he went to the office and on the same night, we came here. He is probably exhausted right now.

".... then let me massage your head." I said and in response, he stared at me with an unwavering gaze for few moments, then get up. I also rushed outside and bring hair oil.

"You're going to oil my hairs too?" I nodded.

"Fine, but don't apply too much. I am not very fond of it." He said turning his back to me.

"Um...., you have to take off your shirt."

He turned to me with a small smirk on his face and said, "What are you planning to do with me?"

"Just massaging your head." I couldn't hold back my smile.

"Then what is the point of taking off my shirt?"

"So I can massage the back of your neck too. It will ease your headache."

"That's it?"

"What else you want me to do?"

"Do I have to say it out loud?" He leaned closer to my face.

"Just sit straight and take off your shirt or I will not be responsible for ruining it." I said pushing him away.

Sighing, he took off his shirt and sit before me in a relaxed posture. To be honest with myself, it gave me a strange feeling while watching him loosen up, maybe because he isn't usually like this.

"You know Fiza, I have come to understand something?"


"The reason why men don't like to stay at their in-law's house." My body stiffened for a moment thinking that he might get offended by Mom's or Maliha's behavior.

"It is because their wives attention diverted to several people. In short, all men are selfish and attention seekers."


Sheheryar's POV:

".... We're you lonely?" She asked, slightly brushing my hairs with her fingers.

"I never said that."

Whom am I kidding...

I sighed closing my eyes and suddenly something soft touched the back of my neck and a bolt of electricity went through my spine. I literally jump on my place and turn to Fiza covering my neck with my hand.

"What did you just do?" I asked a dumbfounded looking Fiza.


"Did you just kissed my neck? Don't do that again without telling me. Or I might get a heart attack."

What am I saying? ???

"Wait, ... what I mean that you can kiss me whenever you want.... actually, it's my problem..."

Holding her hand I sighed helplessly and said, "Fiza, your touch reach quite deep."

As if she is touching my soul instead of my body...

A strange electrified sensation that cannot be described in words...

Feeling which Humaima was unable to give me...

"Sorry." I didn't understand why she apologized.

The only thing I can understand was my yearning for her touch.... increasing and taking over my thoughts slowly...

Lost in hearing my inner voices, I pulled her closer and kissed her soft lips, to feel the same electrifying sensation as before.

If this is love then what I had with Humaima and if it isn't. Then what the is the feelings I am experiencing now???


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