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   Chapter 49 NO.49

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Fiza's POV:

"Why are you so terrified? It wasn't like he directly came to your house." Qudsia asked me when I told her about Ehtesham's call.

"And what if he comes? He knows that Sheheryar isn't here." I said staring at the cup of my coffee. I am not very fond of coffee but since morning, it is my second cup.

Ehtesham called me twice yesterday with the same request to meet him alone and on his third call, I blocked his number. I tried to talk to Sheheryar about his calls but was unable to gather the courage to tell him that he wants to meet his wife alone when he is out of the town. That's why I ended up calling Qudsia. She was at a family dinner so we didn't talk properly and the first thing in the morning she called me.

"He won't, believe me. If he had the courage he would've come yesterday when you blocked his number."

"What should I do yar?." I sighed and continue, "I don't know what Sheheryar will think if Ehtesham really came here in his absence."

"Snap out of it Fiza. Since when you have become so weak? You have the courage to protect yourself and your family. Listen, unblock his number. If he calls again, tell him to meet you when Sheheryar comes back and if he dares to show up on your doorstep. Kick him out, even if you have to call the police but don't let him destroy your peaceful life. Sheheryar is a mature and a very nice person but he is still a man and men are really possessive over their wives."

"I know." A timid voice came out of my mouth.

"FIZA!" She said in scolding tone.

"I am unable of thinking any reason why he suddenly wants to meet me. Why on earth he is here. I don't want anything to do with him."

"Do you want me to call his wife and told her everything?" She asked out of nowhere and suddenly her idea clicked my mind.

"Can you do this?" I inquired in haste.

"If you say, I will."

"Then do it. If this keeps him away from me and my family then for Allah's sake do it."

"Okay boss. Consider it done." He said in her usual carefree tone, "Don't worry. I will take care of it now. Just relax and live your life. Call your husband thrice a day and give him reminder not to pay attention to the attractive woman there or you will kill him and don't forget about the souvenirs you asked him to buy with."

"I didn't ask him to buy anything."

"What? How dull. At least you could've asked for a gift at least."

"You know I never asked anyone for gifts."

"Fiza, I will throw a brick on your head if you keep this attitude with Sheheryar. Remeber, he is not Ehtesham, he gives you all the rights of a wife and expecting something in return. So put aside your ego and be a proper wife."

"What is a proper wife?" I asked absentmindedly gazing at my finger ring which Sheheryar gave me while proposing.

"A proper wife is the boss."

"What?" I frowned.

"Just joking, a wife is someone


Sheheryar's POV:

"Open the gate." I said on the phone and next moment the automatic door lock was opened with a small sound of the click. I pick my bag and start walking to the door from where Fiza was coming in a rush with all of her charms and somewhat a worried looking face.

A smile formed on my face just at gazing at her and I opened my mouth to Salam her but before I could utter a word she embraces me into her arms. It literally took me by surprise and after a moment I realized that I was given a welcoming hug by my wife, which I never expected from Fiza's reserved personality.

But, you proved me wrong...

It was really overwhelming, suddenly hugged by her and feel her body heat on mine after several days. I also circled my arms around her ignoring the burden of the bag on my left shoulder. I don't want to leave her anytime soon, it feels so good to have her in my arms again and when she mumbled 'I missed you' near my ear, I struggled to stop myself from kissing her, right here, right now.

Don't know what sort of spell she used on me, but whatever it was, the effects of the spell is quite powerful, impossible to break. Or perhaps I don't wish for it to be broken. I want to stay under her spell, in the love of my guiding star.



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