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Ehtesham's POV:

"Why did you leave me there?" Sania stormed into the room and throw her clutch on to the bed.

"It was your own choice to stay there. I called you before leaving and waited for you too."

"How can I leave the important gathering like this in such a rush, there were so many people who knew me."

"That's why I am not inquiring you the reason."

"But I need to know your reason to leave."

I take a deep breath and put my cell phone down, "What would you do if I told you."

"I just want to make sure that you didn't leave because of that bitch."

"What?" I frowned at the choice of her word.

"You weren't upset that she married to Sheheryar, right?"

"Why would I be upset?"

"Then why did you leave?"

"I had an argument with Sheeryars's mother."

"Because of Fiza?"

"Why are you keep trying to involve her? They are Taimoor's in-laws too. We argued upon kids."

"Oh! Don't tell me she is asking to take kids' custody?" Sania tone of voice softened and she abruptly sits beside me.


"Thank God. I thought Sheheryar and Fiza asked her to talk to you."

"They will not abandon the kids."

"Abandoned? Ehtesham, putting them into boarding school doesn't count in abandoning."

"Boarding School? Where did you hear it from? Are then sending the kids to boarding?"

"No, they are not. But they might soon. I heard there that Sheheryar marry Fiza because of her family background, which will defiantly benefit him in business. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes such a step. After all, he wants to spoil their daughter to play the game right and being with kids it would be quite impossible."

I don't know what irked me, her nonchalant tone of voice or the something else but I certainly feel irritated.

Does Sheheryar really has such intentions???

For some reason, this thought sticks in my mind like a gum.


"You can go to sleep, Fiza. I will switch off the lights." I said when the book in her hand dropped on her face.

"I am not sleepy, I am reading."

"With close eyes?"

"I am awake." I straightened herself on the bed.

"Why you force yourself staying up with me?"

"I am not forcing?"

"Your tendency of denying is very impressive." I put my laptop on the side and snatched Fiza's book too.

"Now, go to sleep." I turn off the lamp of her side and pull her into my arms.



"Do you have a fever?" I touched her forehead, "You have. Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I don't have a fever. I am just tired, will be alright until tomorrow."

"Get up. I will bring some medicine." I got up from the bed but she quickly grabs my arm.

"I will take it. You don't have to go."

"Stay here." I free my arm from her grip and leave the room. After giving her medicine, I sat near her and put the glass on the nightstand.

"I am sorry, Fiza."


"Because you have responsibilities more then it should be."


pping from my eyes.

"This isn't fair."


Sheheryar's POV:

"This isn't fair." In a teary voice, she said to me and for a moment, I just stare her frozen on my place.


What I said to make her cry???

"You are so unfair." Putting her both hands on my chest she pushed me away, "You always says that I am overdoing things and don't believe whatever I say... kids, this house and you. I like all of them, that's why I put efforts to be a part of your life. But if you keep saying that you are disappointed... then I don't know what I will do."

I was stunned at her sudden outburst, so much that it took me awhile to compose myself. She kept looking at me with her glittering gaze and a frown on her forehead. She wore a mix expression of anger and sadness. Her face was red and her breathing was unsteady. At such moment I should be worried or tried to deny her, but for some reason, I don't feel like doing such thing.

"You have a very strange style of expressing your feelings." I kissed her cheek and engulf her in my arms, "Were you always like this or this special treatment is only reserved for me?" I asked half-jokingly, stroking her hairs.

"Sorry, I am not good at things like these." She mumbled.

"Indeed, yet you are very good at being my wife. So I cannot ask you more, for now, but I will definitely change that style of yours." I kissed her head.

I always had that confidence but lately, I have become sure of it since she doesn't refuse any gestures of affection from me. Although it seems my one-sided feelings, now I can say that the other side isn't empty from feelings either.


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