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Sheheryar's POV:

I glanced again at my wristwatch before turning my face to Sadaf and Taha who were busy in eating ice cream. We arrived early at my lawyer's office, therefore I bought ice cream for kids to divert their minds for a while from the promise of taking them to an amusement park, or else they wouldn't be listening to me.

Since I read the news in morning, the first thing I did was to contact my lawyer and postponed my meeting tomorrow as taking kids with me or leaving them with Fiza or Ehtesham doesn't seem like an option.

I was thinking about taking custody of kids before too, so Ehtesham and Fiza could live a normal life, later I become more assured of my decision when I felt the disturbing relationship of them and now after knowing that Ehtesham has announced his engagement, I couldn't let kids stay with them. Whatever happens in future between Ehtesham and Fiza is their personal matter but I would never allow Sadaf and Taha to be a burden on them, they are free to take decisions of their life.

"Mamo, bus!" Taha said putting his half-finished ice cream cup on the table saying that he couldn't eat anymore.

"You said that you will eat the whole cup." I said.

"Nai, bus. (No, I am done)." He said raising his hand. I sighed and pick his cup to finish the half melted ice cream.

This is something I have learned from Fiza. I only have eaten twice with her in kids' presences but have learned many things. I thought she was being reserved for not ordering a proper meal but later she had a proper meal by finishing leftovers of Taha and Sadaf. I always used to waste that food but after watching her, I remember a basic manner 'not to waste food'. Although it is hard to swallow the cold food left by kids, still I start eating it. Why? Perhaps I also want to set a good example for kids. Just like Fiza does, I don't want to be someone like Ehtesham.

I quickly finished the ice cream before it melts completely and sits straight, expecting that Sadaf would also give me her ice cream also, instead, I find her wiping Taha's mouth with her tissue paper.

She is growing up...

A smile formed on my face. I opened my mouth to praise her but my phone buzzing sound stopped me.

"Hello Assalam o Alaikum!" I said, picking up the call.

"Wallaikum Assalam, I am speaking to Mr. Sheheryar?" A masculine voice asked.

"Yes, speaking."

"I am calling from Ehtesham's wife's home, I am...... Fiza's uncle."

"Oh, ... is everything alright?" I asked sitting straight.

"Yes. Well, actually I have to ask you for a favor."

"Ji? (Yes?)." I said carefully.

"Fiza... is not feeling well today. So could you keep the kids with you for one more day?" He asked hesitantly.


t got Fiza. Standing near her grave on her funeral day I promised myself to take very good care of her daughter, as her Chachu, and as her mother's friend. But now I see, how miserably I have failed to keep my promise. I stepped back and allow Bhai to take the biggest decision to Fiza's life, which turns out to be torture for Fiza. I wish I would've talked to Ehtesham before her wedding and had done a proper search on his background, not just blindly believe on him because he is the son of Bhai's friend.

I sighed and close my eyes. Sumbul called Qudsia as I told her to and she asked her the whole situation. All of knows that, she is the only person who knows everything about Fiza and she gingerly told us everything. I didn't talk to bhai after that, I am afraid that I would say something inappropriate to him for keeping Fiza so far from him that she choose to suffer instead of sharing her problem.

Fiza kept silent for all this time.....

I also called Nuwair and asked him about, how he found Ehtesham when he visited Fiza, but he told me that he didn't get the chance to him. He got extremely worried, upon hearing that Fiza fainted due to the stress of the situation and decides to come back. It will the first time he would be coming to this house after his grandmother took him away from us. I don't know how Fiza would react to this news when she woke up next morning. Would she be happy that her brother is coming after this long time or will she be sad because of the news that causing his abrupt return?

I am afraid what is that child is about to face....


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