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"So Fiza, what should we prepare for dinner? Ehtesham is coming to pick you up, na? We can't let him go without having dinner with us." I paused on hearing my mother's question type statement of 'You should get lost till night'. At least she could've waited a little longer, we haven't even finished our breakfast yet.

"I think he would be happy if you call him yourself and ask. He often told me that he wants to taste your food." I said and heard a slow snicker from Sumbul who was sitting next to Sadaf on my right.

My mom hates cooking!

"Fiza, since you are here, why don't you stay a little longer and commemorate your Dada's (grandfather) death anniversary?" Chachu suggested, knowing that my mother, his bhabi wouldn't like it.

"I would love to stay, Chachu. But I didn't discuss with Ehtesham about this and besides, Sadaf has her school too."

And I have to confront him too, after what happened yesterday...

"Sadaf could go to school from here. I would personally take responsibility for her, and about talking to Ehtesham about it, you can call him after breakfast or ask him when he comes for dinner tonight." I gulped and nodded. Chachu's eagerness to keep me here doesn't seem favourable to me.

I just hope he won't ask anything about my life. I can't lie to him...

Sundays are always lively at Baba Jani's house, which was my house too once. At least that's what it was, and now I feel like I am homeless. This house isn't mine anymore and that house which is supposed to be my home after marriage isn't mine too. I can't call that house as mine. Ehtesham made me not feel like home there. Home is a place where a person seeks refuge from the hardships of the world and there, he/she is welcomed every time. But for me, both houses are almost the same. A place where you are reluctant to go isn't your home and I am one of those people who are reluctant.

From breakfast to lunch, time flew by, accompanied by my disturbed mind. After lunch, Taha was taken away by my brothers and Sumbul's little brother Kashif, probably for some wrestling. The boys were amazed by Taha who knows how to fight despite his young age. On the other hand, Sadaf was with Sumbul, Baba went to a friend's house, while Chachi and my dear mother were busy chatting about family affairs or to be more precise, others' family affairs, leaving me and Cha

ve on the kids' personalities, if Ehtesham were to keep his relationship with Sania or married her, it will affect Fiza and eventually kids.

After seeing her tears yesterday night, it confirmed my doubt that she feels for Ehtesham, but refuses to show it. On the other hand, I find Ehtesham's behaviour rather odd. He was angry, but why? If he cared about Fiza so much, he would've called her instead of me. Still, I wanted to clear things out so I called him back and what did he do? He switched off his phone. I was already annoyed with his carelessness and the way he talked to me, was enough for me to lose my temper. Yet I kept myself under check but I couldn't shake off his tone on the call.

Does he also talk to Fiza in the same tone?

Once again, my thoughts drifted to her and after thinking keenly, I came to my decision.

In her own life struggles, I would not burden her with the responsibility of the kids.

With this final thought, I grabbed my phone and without looking at the time, I called my lawyer. After a conversation of about thirty-five minutes, I ended the call and exhaled a deep breath.

"I am sorry, kids." I mumbled, dropping my phone on the bed.

Sorry, Fiza.....


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