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Ehtesham's POV:

After few rounds of wrestling and tickling, Taha finally went to sleep on top of me and after five or six minutes, he starts to pull my earlobe in his sleep. It is quite bothersome and I keep putting his hand to him but sooner or later his hand find his way back to my ear.

Tch.... I don't understand how Fiza keep up with this....

He got this habit since he start to clinging to Fiza. Her earrings fascinated him for some reason and he don't hesitate to touch it or sometimes pull it. I have seen him pulling her earrings many times and now I realize how much pain she felt. Speaking of Fiza, I don't understand why she is so repulsive. I thought girls always give in, once they get married. Getting angry is another thing but they don't avoid physical contacts.

So what is her problem?

Does she keep distance because she likes someone?

I quickly try to suspend the thought but couldn't do it and I don't like the itchy feeling it gives me. She can't like someone. I mean... this is impossible. How can she like someone, when she is married to me?

Like you can...

My subconscious snapped at me. But I am not deceiving her. She knows everything about me, yet I don't know anything. Where she goes, whom she meets, who are her friends. Hell, I don't ever pay attention to her family boys.

I frown on realizing it, but I was dragged out of my thought, when Taha start pulling my earlobe again. I sighed and lay him beside me, so he couldn't reach again.

"Taha, will you and Sadaf tell me if I ask you about your Bari Ami?" I say looking at him and tucked into blanket.


Fiza's POV:

"Hello Assalam o Allaikum." I say receiving the call. Knowing very well who would be on the other side.

"Wallaikum Assalam. How are you?" Sheharyar asks in his usual polite way. He daily calls on landline phone this time to talk to kids. He never calls on cell phone of mine or Ehtesham's. It is very thoughtful of him.

"Alhamdulillah I am fine and you?"

"Alhamdulillah. Where are kids?" And he never talks more than needed. "Taha is watching TV and Sadaf is sleeping. She has a slight fever."

"Oh! Did you give her medicine?" He sound concerned.

"No, I don't want to give anything without doctor's consult. So, I'll be taking her to doctor once she wakes up."

"Should I take you?"

"It's okay, I can go with the driver."

"I don't think you will be able to handle her alone. She is afraid of doctors and besides you don't know about their doctor too. I will come in twenty minutes to pick you guys, okay. Allah Haffiz." He says and hung up.

Ary! I look the receiver in my hand and put it down. I don't like the idea of going with him but on the second thought, he could be helpful if she really afraid of doctors. I never saw kids getting sick and don't know how to handle them, if they get scared. Plus that idiot husband of mine switched off his phone for some reason. I left a message on his office reception but he didn't call back.

Why that guy disappears in need....?


Both me and Taha looking at Shaharyar, while he struggles to get a hold of crying Sadaf. Taha clench my sleeves tight when Sheharyar threatened Sadaf that he will ask doctor to admit her in hospital if she doesn't behave herself. Well, his trick work out and she stop crying instantly and glance at me with hopeful, teary eyes that I would save her from going to doctor. I quickly looked away and Sheharyar takes her into the clinic.

"Mamo will leave Api (Sadaf) there?" Taha asks, turning his face to me, with a big question mark written on his face.

"No, she will be back. If she would be a good girl."

"..... I am a good boy." He says after a pause, to assure me or maybe himself that he will not be taken to doctor and turn back to look at the clinic entrance again. Shaharyar suggest me to stay in car of Sadaf will cry even more. Not knowing what is better to do, I agree him and stayed in car.

Almost after half an hour or so, both of them came back, with Sadaf still in her Mamo's arm. As soon as Sadaf saw me, she wiggles herself free from his hold and run towards me like he was about to kill her. Trying my best to stop myself from laughing, I scoop her in arms and start saying soothing words to her. Looking at us Shaharyar shook his head with a small smile on his face.

We get into the car and drive us home. All th

ok at me than I won't mind spending my nights with you, so you can see me as much as your heart content but right now I am rather busy." He says in very calm but arrogant manner.


"Sorry, for staring too long. It's just... I never say four eyed monster." I say with an annoyed look. Seriously, I never saw a biggest narcissistic than him. So I decide that I am never going tell him how hot he looks in his glasses.

"Monster?" He raises his brows, still sitting on bed.

"Yes, a monster. They do what it feels like doing without using their brains. Just like you." well, I really want to use the word 'jerk' instead of 'monster'.

"What?" He asks, completely clueless about the point I am referring to.

"What were you watching yesterday night?" I ask folding my arms.

"A moive."

"Which movie?"

"Some action movie, don't remember the name. What about it?"

"You were watching an action movie in Taha's presence?" He let out an 'Oh' when realization hits him.

"Yes, 'Oh'. And don't you ever watch those... those kissing scenes in front them too."

"Something happened?" He asks with interest.

"Well, yes."


"Taha was asking me that why I don't kiss him like that auntie from TV." I try to give him my best serious look, because all in all, the entire situation was quite funny.

It took Ehtesham a minute to register what I say but when he does, I find him smiling.

"Well, I must say that my nephew is getting sharp. So, tell me my wife what did you answer him?"

"What do you mean answer?" I shrieked, "How can you answer a kid when he kissed you on lips out of the blue?"

I was in complete shock and he is asking about my answer....

He is really an idiot...

I wasn't excepting an apology from him but didn't expect this behaviour from him too and my anger gets even worse when he start laughing, as he strides towards me.

"So, my nephew is the reason behind your red face. It's cute... still I am little jealous, he should've find his own girl. Putting his hands on my girl is not fair." He smile coming face to face with me.

"O, hello! I am not your girl."

"You are my wife."

"Unfortunately." I say, looking into his eyes and when I was about to turn, he grab me from my arm.

"I need to know the answer." He whispers.

"What answer?"

"What Taha asked you. Why don't you behave like a normal girl? Why you resists when I come near? Why don't you give in like a girl should be?" He says leaning closer and looking into my eyes.

For a moment I literally forgot to breath, but quickly snap out of it.

"I am sorry my four eyed husband but those are more than one question." I yanked my arm and ran outside of his room.


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