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Fiza's POV:

"This is for you. Your birthday gift... Happy birthday." I froze for a nanosecond before turning to him. To be honest I am little surprise, wasn't expecting that he can be so thoughtful. Mumbling 'Thank you' I take out the cloths he brought for me. It's a black colour Sari with light embroidery on it. It is beautiful and expensive too. Seems he has a big heart to buy expensive things for others and good sense of dressing.

Why wouldn't he have? He is experienced in handling women.

I remind myself.

"Sorry forgot to pack it." He says.

"No problem." I answer touching the embroidery of Sari in awe. I don't why I am being so happy about it.

"It matches with the jewellery Nuwair gave you." He says.

Oh, so he tried to match it with Nuwair's gift. I raise my head and find him looking at me with a bright smile and I feel like staring in those captivating eyes.

Oye! Snapped out of it ....

I scold myself.

"Why did you look at my things without my permission?" I frown at him. I how much of a jerk I am being but right now that's the only way to come out of this sweet moment. Something I don't want to be caught in even though it is Halal in every way.

"Is .... Is that how you treat people when they give you something?" He gives me half disbelief and half annoyed look.

"I simply ask a question." I shrug.

"I think you're not stupid to not understand that it was more than a question." I scowl.

Of course it was. I insulted him in a way.

"You're exaggerating." I stated.

"EXAGGERATING?...... you know what? Go.To.Hell... it was a mistake to even buy something for ungrateful woman like you." He didn't stay after saying it and stormed towards his room. Staring to the place he went I waited to hear a door slam and soon it slammed. A smile starts playing on my face.

He is so easy....

"Thank you." I say out loud, clenching the Sari to my chest but he isn't here to listen. After giving a satisfy look to the clean kitchen. I also make my way to my room. I feel happy, not because I destroyed my husband's mood but on realizing that my husband dear is not a complete jerk like I thought he was.


I aimlessly lay on the bed after sending off both Taha and Sadaf with their Mamo Sheharyar. I thought to make my hubby dear breakfast and leave in on the kitchen but I don't like the idea of him eating cold breakfast, so I decide to wait.

I couldn't sleep last night. The stupid giddy feeling didn't let me. I keep tossing and turning on my bed like an overly excited teenage girl who got present from his crush. It was quite irritating that I couldn't control my feelings. I close my eyes to take a little nap until he gets up but my moment of happiness short lived when I hear someone entering my room.

I hate that guy for this. He never knocks before coming inside my room and when if I say anything he reply me 'you can also come in my room like this' and shrugged it off. Sometimes

im before putting him to bed. On the other hand Sadaf don't sleep with me anymore since Fiza came. She likes to stick with her and talk about fairies and princesses all the time.

"Finish." Taha shows his empty cup to me.

"Good boy. I am also finished." I get up and put him on my shoulders. He grabs my head tightly and when I reach half way to my room he start patting my head.

"Papa, Ami."

"What about Ami?"

"Go to Ami." He puts his head on mine.

"Okay." I walk back to Fiza who was busy in washing dishes.



Fiza's POV:

"Ami." I heard Taha's voice and abruptly turn back.

"Allah Haffiz." He held out his hands to me sitting of Ehtesham's head.

Oh! Right.....

I forgot to say him good night. I quickly wipe my hands and when I was about to take Taha from Ehtesham he bent down so I can kiss Taha.

Wow! Someone is being considerate....

I also tiptoe to reach and place a kiss on Taha face and say 'Allah Haffiz.' But quickly take pull back when Ehteham's nose lightly brushes against my neck line.

Ya Allah.....

I glance at Ehtesham and find him looking at me with a smirk and a strange glint in his eyes.

Did he do that on purpose????

I frown and his smirk widened, like he understands what I am thinking. He winks at me before start walking to his room.

Ya Khuda (God) he is a real pervert.....


Salam and hello everyone!

Sorry about the late update but I will try to update in every fifteen days from now on.

And sorry for my usual grammatical mistakes :(

I have been reading your comments and glad that you like Fiza but what you guys think about Ehtesham? Do you find his character cliché?

Oh! One more thing. If you are thinking it will be same stories like other with the same plot then read till end before passing your judgment and I hope you will not be disappointed.

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