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Fiza's POV:

The visit to Baba Jani house was good except my Maliha annoying comments. She keeps bringing up our childhood topic to tease me. She knows very well that how much I hate my childhood. For most of the people it may be the best time of their lives but for me, it was nothing except tension.

When Maliha tries to cross her limits I text Haider my younger brother to stop her before I lose my temper and thankfully he and Arham my youngest brother took care of her.

After coming home Ehtesham starts watching TV and I went to my bed.


"Beta when are you to going on honeymoon?" I chock on water during dinner when Ami asks this question and received a glare from my hubby.

"Ami I don't have time for this. Papa already made me waste a whole week, I cannot afford to waste another one." Ehtesham said.

"It's really fine Ami work is more important." I quickly agreed with him.

"I know work is important but you know both your Ami and I will be leaving soon for Muzaffarabad. You know I cannot live here too long. Once we are gone you won't be able to get time because of kids responsibilities." Said Papa.

"Is it necessary to go?" I don't want to live with him alone.

"Well, your Papa has a breathing problem. The dusty atmosphere of the city is not suitable for him. Besides his mother, Ehtesham grandmother also lives there. She is paralyzed and needs someone to look after." Ami informed me.

"Papa, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"It's not a big deal, besides I thought that Ehtesham already told you."

"He didn't tell me anything important." I said and receive a glare from him, again.

Our argument for going to honeymoon went longer than it should be but come to end when a maid came to inform that Sheharyar Sahab (Mister) is waiting here and waiting for kids outside.

"Tell him that I am calling him. Why he always try to leave from outside?" Ami said, the maid nodded and left.

Soon a tall man in his thirties comes in wearing a grayish black pant and tie with white shirt lining shirt. He looks like one of those dominating type businessmen which I often read in novels.

He has a serious look on his face which soon vanished and replace by a genuine smile when Sadaf goes running towards him. He crouched down and picks her up in his arms.

"Asslam o Alaikum Mamo (Mother's brother)!" Sadaf squeal, hugging his neck.

"Wallaikum Salam Mamo ki jaan (Mamo's life)." He kissed her check and come forward.

"Assalam o Alaikum!" he Salam everyone.

"Come have breakfast!" Ehtesham says.

"Jazakallah! I have already done."

"Sit down beta (son). At least have a cup of tea with us." Said Papa.

"You leave me no choice uncle." He sighed and took a seat in front of Ehtesham. So he is also facing me. As soon as our eyes met I, Salam, him and he nodded in acknowledgment.

"Remember her?" Ami asks.

"Ehtesham's wife right?" He looks at me for confirmation.

I nodded with a smile and quickly serve him tea.

"Thank you." He smiled.

Well! At least he has manners, unlike someone I know...

I turn my head to glance at my dear husband and found him already staring at me. I give him a questioning look and he looked away.

Weird guy...!

After breakfast, Sadaf and Taha went with their Mamo. Ami told me that he spends every Saturday with kids. He directly takes them to work from here than after working half day he takes them to his house and drops them back after dinner.

He sounds like a nice guy and I wonder what his wife says when he spends time with kids.

Lost in I own thoughts I was coming out if kitchen when a wall becomes in my way.

Huh? Wait .... wall cannot come.

I raised my head and found my dear hubby glaring at me.

"Oh! It's just you." I said and walk pass him.

"Don't you have any manners?" I heard his irritated voice.


"Sorry, excuse me, pardon ..... normally people use these when they bumped into someone."

"Sorry, forgive me, I apologize.... normally people use these when they deceive someone."

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing!" I scoffed.

And after that, I didn't stay there. I don't want to be lectured on manners from someone who makes a joke of pure relation like Nikah.


We somehow manage to agree Ami and Papa postpone the honeymoon for now and thank God they agreed. After two days both Ami and Papa left of Muzaffarabad leaving me and kids alone with that Monster.

It's quite boring without them. But the positive point is I get my own room, it is connected with Ehtesham's room by a door to the workers in the house won't suspect anything.

So from last three days, I am spending my time arranging my room. Oh! Both kids are also helping me by moving little things from the box. But mostly their helping multiplies my work and their fighting is something I am not used to yet. Both prey and predator cry same time with same high voice and I can't understand who is guilty and whom to support.

And about my dear hubby, well both of us come to a mutual understanding that he won't interfere in my life and I won't interfere with his. So, I try my best not to be affected by the fact that I am 'unwanted' and make Sadaf and Taha the center of my attention. At least I am not unwanted by them.


"Bhabi, Sheharyar Sahab is here." The maid informs me and I stood up.

Soon he came in with sleeping Sadaf in his arms.


"Assalam o Alaikum! Let me take her." I quickly approach him to take Sadaf.

"No, it's okay. She is heavy when she sleeps. Can you tell me where is her room? I have to bring Taha too. He is also sleeping in the car.

"Um... the second door from the right. You go and I'll bring Taha." I quickly said.

"No please don't. I will tell bring him too." He said and turn to the room.

Standing still and do nothing while your guest does the work doesn't seem good so I quickly ran to pick Taha.

"I told you I will do it." I heard Sheharyar's voice.

"It's fine.... really." I smile and lay down Taha on the bed.

"Sorry for being so late, I lost track of time." He apologizes coming back to the living room again.

"You don't have to apologize. It's really fine."

"You're really nice as they say."


"Both kids become very fond of you in this short time." He smiled.

"I didn't know I can be liked by kids."

I am flustered .....

"Where is Ehtesham?"

"He is not back from work yet."

"Huh?.... oh..... okay. Anyways I should be going now."

"Please stay for a while. Ehtesham must be here soon. Have dinner with us."

"Thank you so much for asking but I already had dinner with kids and I have little work too. Maybe some other time.... it was nice meeting you Mrs. Ehtesham."

Mrs. Ehtesham......

"It's Fiza." I said, don't like the sound of the hollow title of Mrs.

"Okay! Fiza. Allah Haffiz."

"Allah Haffiz." He walked towards the door but suddenly halt and turn back.

"Listen Fiza!.... it will be better if you don't wait for Ehtesham and eat. Take care."



Ehtesham's POV:

"Listen Fiza!.... it will be better if you don't wait for Ehtesham and eat. Take care." I heard Sheharyar's voice when I got out from the car.


Since when he is allowed to call my wife by her name?

His moving tracks come to halt when he saw me and after a formal hello he left.

"Assalam o Alaikum." Fiza says.

I really like when she Salam like this.

"Wallaikum Assalam! Why he was here so late?" I asked without thinking.

"He came to drop Sadaf and Taha."

"So you invited him in?"

"I didn't. Both kids were sleeping so he just helped me."

"He just helped you??? You know you shouldn't allow an unknown to come-in in my absence." I said strictly.

"He is not a stranger ..... and why you so bother about it?"

Because ......

I failed to answer her question as I also don't know the reason for it.

Why am I bothered?????


Salam and hello everyone!

Sorry for late updated and thank you so much for liking this story and specially Fiza.

I hope you'll also like Fiza more as the story goes on.

Don't forget to vote and comment!

Take Care :)

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