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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Dedicated to pakeeza2 Zeeshaa

Walima ceremony went tiring and somewhat irritating. What with the people and their meaningful smirks. First of all, it was not my fault that baby blue and cream color dress suits me better than the red wedding dress. So, why I was targeted with embarrassing comments?

Quickly I took shower and changed into my night dress. There is no point of keep wearing it as my husband doesn't care about it. I walk out of the bathroom and found my dear hubby texting someone, still wearing his Tuxedo.

His head snapped to me and his eyes slowly took in my full appearance. His facial expression turns into a disgusted one and a triumph smile found on my face, which I quickly hide and walk towards wardrobe to take out a spare blanket for myself.

"What? Never seen a girl before?" I turn to him when he didn't stop staring for long.

"I have more pretty and sexy girls than you but it's my first time seeing a long rod wearing a clothing bag." He said taking off his coat.

Yes, I am skinny and tall but not like a pole like he defined so normally people make fun of me just like he did because I like to wear baggy clothes.

"Whatever." Giving a longing glance to bed I lay down on the floor.

"You know we can share the bed." He said after a while.

"Save your politeness for needy. I am not bothered sleeping on the floor. It reminds me that human isn't that great as he pretends to be." I said remaining my eyes closed.

"What do you mean?" I heard his irritated voice.

"Just speaking my mind..... Shab-a-Khair hubby dear."

"Annoying woman." I heard his mumble and turn on the other side to hide my smile.


"Assalam o Alaikum Ami (mother)." I peeked into the kitchen where Ami was giving instruction for breakfast.

"Wallaikum Assalam beta (child). You're up early. Where is Ehtemsham?"

"He is sleeping."

"So why are you awake?"

"I am used to waking up early... don't like to waste all morning in sleep."

"Mashallah... So what do you like to have for breakfast?"

"Anything will be fin-"

"Dadi!(Father's mother)" I was interrupted by a sleepy voice. I turned around and found a little girl about the age of five, wearing a baby pink sleeping dress. Her straight brown hairs were all over her face.

"Dadi Assalam-" before she could complete the sentence she tripped on her trouser and fell.

Ami gasped and I rushed towards her and pick her up.

"Are you alright?" I asked tucking her hairs back on her ear. She didn't answer and kept looking at me in a daze.

"Beta are you alright?" I asked again kissing her cheek and she nodded.

"What is your name?"

"Sadaf Ghori."

"Wow that a very pretty name." I kissed her cheek again. She turns her face and as soon as her she saw Ami tears start rolling in her big black eyes.


"Dadi...." She reached out for her crying and I carefully set her on the floor. She quickly ran to Ami and cling to her legs.

"Dadi I fall." She told her.

"Yes I saw that and I also saw that you didn't cry. You are becoming a brave girl. I am so proud of you." She patted her head and touches her cheek gently.

"You see Bari Ami (Normally use to refer father's elder brother's wife.) here also says that you are a brave girl." Ami pointed to me Sadaf turns to me and I quickly nodded like a fool. Her loud cry turns into light sobs and soon stopped. Her eyes were still on me, looking something I don't know.

"Go and Salam her." Ami patted her head again. I crouched down and smile to encourage her. She wiped her eyes with her palms and came to me.

"Assalam o Alaikum." She held her hand out to me, which I gladly hold and place a kiss on it.

"Wallaikum Assalam Sadaf... Are you hungry?" she nodded.

"I am also hungry let eat breakfast together okay?" She nodded again.

"But have you brush your teeth yet?" she shook her head.

"Then come let me help you."

"Beta (child) they have their own maid to help them."

"Oh!... will it be alright to leaving them on a maid?"

"Yes, she is looking after both of them since their mother died."


"Sadaf and her little brother Taha..... Ehtesham didn't tell you about this?"

"No, not much." I was told by my younger sister that he had a younger brother who died not long ago and his wife too and they have two kids. But I didn't know that they were living with them.

"Oh! I guess you two didn't get time to talk about it." she smiled.


"Sadaf go to your Aani (usually use for mother's sister) and ask her to help you." She said to Sadaf and she rushes out from the kitchen.


"Yes, actually in our house we don't teach kids to call servants by the names of their work. They will understand on their own when they get older and besides these kids don't have any aunts on both sides, so giving them a relation with a name seems better to me." We both walk out of the kitchen and sat on the sofa in living room.

"That's..... is very thoughtful of you Ami." It is really admirable how she gives respect to servants.

"Assalam o Alaikum Ami." We both surprised by Ehtesham sudden entrance.

Idiot husband....!

"Wallaikum Assalam beta."

"Ami is breakfast ready? I am getting late for work." He said fixing his tie.

"Work??? But beta you just got married to days ago. Shouldn't you be spending more time with Fiza?"

"I'll come back before lunch Ami but there is something that really needs my attention right now and besides who wants to stay here." He mumbles the last part so only I can hear. Ami was at distance from us.

"Feeling is mutual." I also murmur.

"Fine, I hope Fiza won't mind."

"No Ami, I won't mind. Work is also important." I smile.

"See?... now please tell me if breakfast is ready or not?"

"It's ready bhai (brother)." A maid informed us and w

e all went to the dining room. Not after long I heard Sadaf giggling and she ran in wearing blue jeans and with shoes and tank top. But as soon as she saw Ehtesham she stopped and her smile wiped off of her face.

"Assalam o Alaikum Sadaf." He Salam first but his voice was serious. She looked so terrified by him that she didn't answer and carefully start taking step one by one looking at his direction like he would get up and get her.

Why she is afraid???

My attention turns to Ahtesham when he sighs dejectedly and focuses back on his breakfast. On the other hand, Sadaf was still taking one step at a time. I leave my place and scoop her into my arms. She let out a yelp and encircled her arms around my neck. Kissing her check I sat with her on a seat far from Ehtesham. He gave me a glare but didn't say anything, while Ami just smiles and continue eating.


I had fun spending all they with kids. I also met Taha. He is three years old, quite skinny and moody. But that kid doesn't know how to sit on one place when Sadaf seems a bit mature from her age. Maybe because of her parent's death. Ami told them that their parents are with Allah in the sky. Someone tell Sadaf that pilots can go to the sky since then she wants to be a pilot. So she can meet them, while Taha is in continues struggle to find Allah. Ami told me that she often found under sofa, bed or table in search of Allah. It sounds very sweet but it shows that how badly they want to meet their parents.

The anger and disappointment I was feeling since my wedding night vanished into the air after meeting them. I now understand Ehtesham's reasons and it may sound odd but he wanted a Nanny for his niece and nephew so he marries me.

And me ??? What I think about it?.... well I decided not to take this seriously. If fate has decided Ehtesham as the husband then there must be a good reason behind it. But I had to do something about sharing the same room. I don't want to be open up to the husband who sees me as a Nanny instead of a wife.

Ehtesham came at dinner time and faced furious Ami and Abu. Both of them insisted to take me out for dinner but I refuse politely. He also agreed with me...he has to. I mean why would we want to spend time with each other?

After dinner he went back to the room I went to kid's room but Ami forces me to go back because I should be with my husband now.

Argh! I don't want to be with him...

I slowly went into room praying that he would already be sleep but seems like Allah has to put me in this exam. As I closed the door behind me, his head turns to me and back to TV. He already changes into his nightwear, means he won't be going out and spare me some time alone. I sighed and went to the bathroom. It's better to spend time in praying and reciting Quran rather than sitting free in same room and feeling ignored.

I pray Isha Namaz without any disturbance, he was nice enough to lower the TV volume. Later kept I reciting Quran until I start feeling sleepy. I change my clothes and lay on the floor, allowing the sleep to engulf me.


I woke up to the alarm and stretch my hand to turn it off, but before my hand could reach.

What happened???

I open my eyes and found my husband's sleeping face in front of me. A scream let out from my mouth voluntarily, waking him up in panic and soon his hand was on my mouth stopping my scream with his huge frame hovering mine.

"What the hell is wrong with you mad woman?"

"Ummm... ummm"

"What?" I pointed his hand at my mouth.

"Oh!" he released my mouth and get off of me.

I gasped for air for few moments...

"Were you trying to suffocate me?" I glared at him.

"No, I was trying to shut that ugly voice of yours."


I grind my teeth and turn to get off from the bed.

Wait! Bed???

How am I ended up sleeping on the bed?

My head snapped to Ehtesham, who was now taking out his clothes from the wardrobe.

"How did I get on the bed?"

"You came on your own." She said with a shrugged.

"No, I didn't." I didn't wake up last night.

"Yes, you did."

"You're lying." He turned around with a pissed expression on his face.

Oye! This is not good...

He walked briskly to me and stops only two steps away.

"It doesn't matter how you get up there if you get a good sleep."

"Well excuse me. It does matter to me and I have right to know how I get there. So, tell me the truth did you brought me to the bed last night?"

"And what will you do if I say yes I was the one who brought you to the bed." He took a step closer titling his head.

"Don't do it next time."

"And what if I do it again?" he took another step closer and this time I also take a step back.

"And why would you do that?" I tried to be unfazed by his presence so close to me.

"Maybe I would like to sleep next to you?" he takes another step closer but this time I refuse to step back.

"I thought we had a deal?" I raised my brows, putting a hand on my hip.

"We still have... But the 'not sharing things' part was from you. I never agreed to that. It doesn't apply to me." He smirked.

"Why not? If I can agree on your conditions why can't you be on mine?"

"I don't like the idea of leaving a girl alone who is living in the same room, under my Nikkah... I mean, deal or not. Why a man wouldn't take advantage of a girl who is legally his... which means you are rightfully mine." He smirked.

My eyes widened and I took several steps back only to be stopped by a wall.

No way.....


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