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   Chapter 1 NO.1

My Four Eyed Husband By lailamehtaab Characters: 2572

Updated: 2018-05-08 14:49

"Fiza your Uncle Ghori wants your hand for his son Ehtesham..... He is a nice boy. I think he can be a good husband..... we all like him very much but before everything, I want your opinion about it."

"Whatever you wish Baba Jani! If you think he is the right person for me than I have no objection."

And with that, I got engaged to Ehtesham and after two weeks we the three sentences of Nikah bound our fate together.

But there was still room for the climax in my simple story. On our wedding night, my dear husband informed me that he loves someone else. He was never agreed for this marriage and was emotionally blackmailed.

And he has his reasons, so he wants us to act as real husband and wife. Not only for him but for the sake of our families too and if I didn't do what he says I will have to face consequences.

Wow! I am being threatened by my husband on our marriage day......

Was I shocked????

Yes...... but the only thing I was thinking after recovering from it was how much it hurts if I punch him on his face?

But being a good wife I didn't punch him. I got up took my nightdress and got into the washroom. After a shower I felt a bit better, I walk back to bed and lay on other side of the bed. Not uttering a single word or not even bothering mys

elf to look at him, and close my eyes. I felt him stood near the bed for a while before he went to the washroom.

I quietly got up search an extra bedspread from the closet, luckily I found it on time. On the other side of the bed, I spread it nicely on the floor and also put a pillow on it. Then I lay on the bed again closing my eyes. First I heard the door opening and second thing I heard was.....

"What the hell?"

"Hay you! What the hell is this?" He starts shaking me.

"Aaah! Don't touch me you oak... And That is your bed until you manage a separate room for me."

"What?" he shouts.

"Don't shout. I am not deaf.... and listen carefully Mr. Hubby... the only thing you asked for is to pretend like a married couple in front of others not sharing stuff..... I need my personal space and if you don't mind I am sleepy Shab-a-Khair...... oh one more thing. If you even try to sleep on the bed I will run down to your parents' room and tell then I need a divorce from your son right now. Then we will see who will pay the consequences."

He stares me for a long moment and I stare him back before he lay on floor cursing something under his breath.

So this was our wedding night..... Ironic huh????


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