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   Chapter 54 Alternate Ending 1 And They Lived Happily Ever After (II)

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Alternate Ending #1: And They Lived Happily Ever After (II)

***Yu Lijie & Wuxiang Changqing's story***

Yu Lijie sighed as he heard his mother ramble on about his sister's irresponsibility and eloping a few months ago. His mother ranted about the proper way a lady should behave and how his sister was most likely possessed to still be in love with a jerk that pretended to be dead for so long.

At her last sentence, Yu Lijie couldn't help but nod. It was true, the man had made his sister suffer for so long as an undead zombie, living each day blandly and emotionlessly. He narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists, he would have to speak a few words with Nangong Longwei about the way he should treat his precious sister. It was at this moment he noticed the empress had stopped talking and was muttering, "Go find your sister and bring her home... I have a few words to say to her."

Yu Lijie shuddered at the thought of what punishment his sister was going to get. Everyone had assumed that their father, the emperor, was the force in the family while the empress, their mother, was a sweet and benevolent mother of the nation...

But in reality, his mother had a hard grip on their father and him and his sister. She was very sweet majority of the time but strict when necessary. Yu Lijie knew there was no way to persuade his mother otherwise, so he nodded.

Empress Yu smiled, pleased at her son for being so understanding. She patted his head, though she had to use get on her tippy toes since her son was taller than her petite frame.

Yu Lijie rolled his eyes at his mother's antics but didn't resist, so he allowed himself to be patted like a dog...


After getting an order from his mother to return his sister, Yu Lijie dressed as a commoner and galloped on his horse, on a solo mission. He had managed to persuade his parents that any unnecessary protection or soldiers would wear them down and easily alert their enemies of the crown prince of Yu outside the palace. With him going outside in disguise, there would be a less chance of danger and recognition.

He continued to ride on his horse until he arrived at the destination of his sister's last-sighted appearance, a small town by the name of Qigong. He stopped at an inn to rest until he saw a group of burly men surrounding someone. Out of curiosity, he walked forward only to hear their crude words, "Hey, spend one night with us and we'll let you go." One of the men snickered as he reached for the person. Yu Lijie noticed the person they were surrounding was a beautiful girl with sharp but playful eyes and a scowl on her face. "Leave me alone!" The girl's voice was a bit deep but still held femininity in it. Yu Lijie assumed it was because she was frightened.

Being the gentleman he is, Yu Lijie called out, "Leave the lady alone! If you're looking for women, the local brothel should be enough." Everyone turned to him, including the girl. Her scowl deepened but Yu Lijie didn't notice as he pulled out his sword, quickly getting rid of the men.

"My lady, please don't be afraid, for you are safe." Instead of getting the thanks Yu Lijie had expected, the girl snapped, "You idiot! I was handling the men perfectly fine! And besides, are you blind? I'm clearly a guy!" The past sentence froze Yu Lijie as he watched the man point to his flat, toned chest. "See?" Seeing that Yu Lijie was still speechless, the man smirked and shamelessly offered, "I can show you something else that will make you believe."

When Yu Lijie realized the meaning of his words, he immediately blushed and turned around without bothering with the mysterious man again. Seeing Yu Lijie leave, the man chuckled. A few minutes later, a couple appeared and they immediately noticed the man's happy mood. "Wuxiang Changqing, why do you seem to be in such a good mood?"

Wuxiang Changqing laughed joyfully, "Because, my friend, I just got rescued like a damsel in distress." Interesting to know the famous, gentle, crown prince saved this so-called damsel.

The man, Nangong Longwei, furrowed his cold brows, "With your martial arts, why would you need any rescuing?"

Wuxiang Changqing shook his head as his playful eyes flashed with interest, confusing the couple. Nangong Longwei looked at the woman beside him and she shrugged, "Who knows? For now, I'm craving Dragon Beard Candy."

"Of course Zhen Zhen, anything for you." Nangong Longwei answered dotingly. Wuxiang Changqing scoffed and mumbled, "Whipped..."

The couple turned their attention to him only to find Wuxiang Changqing innocently whistling and bluffing, "I didn't say anything."


After Yu Lijie scurried out of the inn in embarrassment, he dashed around town only to not find a trace of his sister. He sighed as he mounted his horse, ready to search through the next town. Suddenly, he found himself surrounded by an abundance of men, a few being the same from the inn.

One of the men growled, "Pretty boy thinks he can embarrass us and get away from it. Why we outta teach you a lesson to never mess with members of the Jianghu!"

Yu Lijie scanned the men and noticed approximately a dozen or so men and sighed. How unfair was this? At the very least, he'd be injured, but by how vicious these men seemed to be, he knew he was probably going to be dead.

Yu Lijie unsheathed his sword and a battle broke out as he defended himself from all his sides. Despite his very best to defend, the men managed to slash him and injure him in multiple places. He cringed in pain and the men used his moment of vulnerability to slash his arm, forcing him to release his sword.

The men grinned lewdly as they slowly walked in his direction, forcing Yu Lijie to walk back until his back hit a tree. He closed his eyes for inevitable death but he heard gruff screaming instead. Peeking with his eyes, he noticed the men kneeled down in pain and fear before a man completely dressed in black.

Yu Lijie widened his eyes in horror as the man walked in his direction, his sword bloody. Noticing his fear, the man dropped his sword and swiftly appeared beside Yu Lijie's ear, "We're now even." His warm breath tickled Yu Lijie as he felt the heat rushing inside of him. What was happening? Yu Lijie knew he didn't feel this way even with the prettiest women offered to him or when he was dragged to the brothel. Yet this man had only whispered in his ear and he was feeling seduced.

The man pressed Yu Lijie's neck and suddenly, the handsome man went limp and his body felt lifeless despite his protest. The mysterious man picked up Yu Lijie and he leaped through the forest until they reached an abandoned cave. The man reached for Yu Lijie's clothes until the prince protested, "Hey! What are you doing!?"

The man took off his head wrap and face wrap and long, silky

Lijie to scream louder than before.

Wuxiang Changqing paused and allowed the prince to get used to his member inside of him, allowed the prince to calm down. A few minutes later, the former screaming prince was whimpering and softly moaning. Wuxiang Changqing began to slowly move and the two were off to a realm of euphoric pleasure.

Yu Lijie never expected that pleasure from a man could be so enjoyable. So different. He stared into the eyes of the man that pounded into him and sighed, wrapping his arms around his neck. The sound of skin slapping against each other and pleasured moaning went on for a while until Wuxiang Changqing groaned loudly, releasing his seed into the prince's now used chrysanthemum. Both sighed from exhaustion and snuggled together, enjoying a peaceful slumber together despite the chaos outside.

The entire palace was freaking out over the fact that the prince was extremely late to the banquet and hadn't bothered to tell anyone anything. The empress had demanded to know the prince's location from his servants, but little did she know that Wuxiang Changqing had bribed-slash-threatened them to keep quiet and pretend they don't know that the prince had been stuck in his room the entire time...


A few hours later, Yu Lijie woke up to a sore body and a liquid-like substance leaking out of him. His face flushed when he remembered what happened earlier as he stared at the man lying down next to him. He felt extremely happy to have finally accepted the fact that he was attracted to a man... not just any man, but the man sleeping on his bed.

He tried to get up but hissed in pain. He was a beast in bed that seemed to have broken all Yu Lijie's bones. Wuxiang Changqing fluttered his eyelids and smiled at Yu Lijie, "Good morning..."

"Good morning my ass!" Yu Lijie replied sassily, "I wonder how much viagra you took last night? You sure destroyed my ability to walk!" He snapped cutely, making Wuxiang Changqing chuckle. "I'm sorry my prince, but I do not regret it. That was the best night of my life." Yu Lijie's face softens at his last words and mumbled, "Me too."

Wuxiang Changqing grabbed Yu Lijie's hand in his own and said, "This is probably the only time I'll ask you, but are you willing to see the world with me?" Yu Lijie frowned as he understood the meaning behind the physician's words. Elopement? But what about his duties? Speaking of his duties, they required heirs that he, Yu Lijie, cannot produce unless, by so miracle, men are able to get pregnant. Maybe in the future, but for now, they aren't and Yu Lijie doesn't want to impregnate a woman. Just the thought of getting near a woman hurt his heart...

It seemed like the man in front of him had captured his heart completely. He nodded as a plan began to formulate in his head. Didn't his mother always nag about wanting to see his sister again? Well, he'll grant her the chance...


Empress Yu was baffled. Completely and utterly baffled as to why her perfect, saint-like son would suddenly elope with a man, claiming he no longer wants to be a crown prince that had to produce heirs with women because he found the presence of women revolting. She didn't understand how he suddenly transformed into a cut-sleeve... unless he had always been one in the closet?

She clenched his letter in her hand and yelled, "Summon his highness the emperor and tell him to bring his seal with paper and ink!" The servants shivered in fear and quickly requested for the emperor to see the Empress. A few minutes later, the emperor appeared before his fuming empress with his seal and the other things the Empress demanded. She grabbed the paper and began to write an imperial edict that would shock and shake the empire of Yu...

As she finished writing, the emperor shivered when he saw the look in her usually gentle eyes. His eyes scanned the edict and laughed out loud, "Always the petty empress, aren't you, dear?"

Empress Yu smiled mischievously, "Well, that'll be revenge against the girl... as for your son, I'll plan something for him later. Anyways, prepare for a long vacation, dear."


The edict was announced to the whole empire the very next day. Everyone was shocked at the decision, including Yu Zhenzhen and her brother, Yu Lijie. They never expected for their mother to do such a thing.

Despite wanting to hide a bit more, Yu Zhenzhen grabbed her husband and dragged him to the palace, accepting her place as the newly-appointed empress and her husband as the newly-appointed emperor...

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