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   Chapter 49 49. I'm Sorry...

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 8572

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49. "I'm Sorry..."

"Qing Xiaolin!"

OYZZ narrowed her eyes to spots and made a fighting stance, much to Yu Zhenzhen's dismay. Yu Zhenzhen looked at Qing Xiaolin and frowned. Her usual innocent, angelic features were twisted into malice and anger. She didn't hold the aura of naivety, but she held a diabolical aura. Yu Zhenzhen gulped silently and hoped that OYZZ hadn't been right all along about Qing Xiaolin's personally.

"What are you doing here?" Yu Zhenzhen asked with caution, making sure her words were not too loud or too quiet.

"Haha, I just overheard a paranormal conversation between host and ghost. And it seems that you're a fraud...?" Qing Xiaolin widened her eyes and pretended to ponder, "My, imagine if all your so-called precious people knew you are a fake!"

Yu Zhenzhen began to shudder in fear and averted her gaze so that Qing Xiaolin didn't see the few stray tears that had escaped her eyes. She didn't want to even picture what will happen if everyone knew she wasn't Yu Zhenzhen. Not only will she be executed, but she'll lose all their love.

Yu Zhenzhen scoffed at her stupidity. When had she accepted these 2D people as important people? Obviously, they had crept elusively in her heart to the point she can't stand their deaths nor for them to find out. She had figured that she would probably be heartbroken if they gave her the look of disgust and hatred.

"You... what do you want?" Yu Zhenzhen sighed in surrender. Qing Xiaolin noticed her easy submission and snarled, "You... why do you easily give in? Why do you have to be so nice? Can't you fight back? You're not making this game very fun, Zheng Mimi."

Yu Zhenzhen gave her a helpless look and Qing Xiaolin clenched her fists, "Even when we were in school together... you were always so nice yet strong. I hated you then, I hate you now!"

Yu Zhenzhen widened her eyes in shock at the admittance. Had she known Qing Xiaolin in school? But she didn't remember anyone with the name of Qing Xiaolin, nonetheless someone with such an angelic yet devilish appearance! "Do we... know each other?" She muttered softly, which caused Qing Xiaolin's dark eyes to become even darker.

She burst into hysterical laughter, "No, we don't. Why would Little Miss Optimist care about anyone but herself?" Something in Yu Zhenzhen's heart stirred. She remembered someone in elementary school saying she was too optimistic... who was it? Dang it brain, work for once in my life! Be useful!

"Q-Qing..." Yu Zhenzhen's sentence faltered until she blurted, "Qinglin!?"

Qing Xi

h relief being portrayed. Was she controlled? OYZZ... I actually liked you as a friend... why did you make me do something so horrible!

Qing Xiaolin laughed bitterly as blood dripped down her chest, releasing the black orb. She coughed up blood and smiled. For a second, Yu Zhenzhen could see the similar smile to her elementary school friend—Qinglin, despite the drastic change the girl went through. "Zheng Mimi..." she mumbled, "Come closer, "

Yu Zhenzhen gave a pleading look to OYZZ, who rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers, releasing Yu Zhenzhen from her control. Once she felt that she could move her body again, Yu Zhenzhen quickly dashed to Qing Xiaolin's side and began sobbing, "I didn't do it."

Her words sounded pathetic, even to her own ears. She wasn't trying to convince Qing Xiaolin or anybody else for the matter but was trying to convince herself. Qing Xiaolin continued smiling and nodded, "Of course Little Miss Optimistic didn't do anything bad..." she turned her gaze to OYZZ, she switched between fading and appearing due to the lack of energy in her. She had used so much of her powers to keep herself alive... this was completely different than her friend, Zheng Mimi. The selfless girl who preferred to kill with kindness rather than kill with daggers. Qing Xiaolin took a deep breath and pulled out the dagger.

Yu Zhenzhen stared at her, confused at her actions until her next words, "Yu Zhenzhen... you haven't won, yet. If my little pet can't be my successor, then she won't allow you to have a peaceful life, either!" She plunged the blood-soaked dagger in Yu Zhenzhen's body and closed her eyes for an eternal slumber, mumbling, "I'm sorry..."


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