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   Chapter 44 44. Reunited (Ex) Lovers (II)

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 5537

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44. Reunited (Ex) Lovers (II)

With the sudden resolution to make himself known, Nangong Longwei swiftly, yet seemingly casually, walked in the direction of Yu Zhenzhen. When he saw her, he was amazed to find her surrounded. Narrowing his dark, phoenix eyes, Nangong Longwei moved closer and gaped at the scene.

Yu Zhenzhen held out her shoe and was smacking the soldiers that tried to get close to her with a fierce expression. Seeing her up close after so long, Nangong Longwei felt his breath hitch and his palms sweaty. Here she was, right in front of him, yelling and cursing at his soldiers, and still looking like a goddess descended from the heavens.

And she was all his.

With that final thought, Nangong Longwei strode forward and the people in front of him froze. His soldiers immediately straightened their postures and bowed their heads in respect. Yu Zhenzhen stopped and stared at the man in front of her with a red mask. His tall frame radiated arrogance and his broad arms were crossed. He walked in her direction which caused Yu Zhenzhen to inhale sharply and slowly back away.

When Yu Zhenzhen's back hit another soldier, the mysterious man quickly leaped forward and swooped her into his arms. Yu Zhenzhen couldn't help but get a sense of déjà vu. This man's arms felt like she was in his arms, but that shouldn't be possible. He had been dead for over three years...

Yu Zhenzhen used her shoe—that was still in her hand—and violently smacked the red-masked man on his chest. He stumbled and his tight grip loosened, allowing Yu Zhenzhen to quickly escape.

When he tried to snatch her into his arms again, she quickly dodg

She struggled to get away, but Nangong Longwei didn't permit her the opportunity as he breathed her in. It had been too long.

"Let me go! Please, I'm engaged!" Yu Zhenzhen blurted out, but she immediately regretted it when the atmosphere around the man turned bitter cold.

"To who?" Nangong Longwei snapped, "Gloomy? Absurd weed? That crying goose pimple? Or the seemingly rejected pig's trotters?"

Yu Zhenzhen couldn't help herself and she burst out laughing, "Panties? Do you know what that word means?"

"It sounds like a male name to me..." Nangong Longwei said in exasperation. "Is he in your little harem?"

Yu Zhenzhen sighed at the stupidity of the man in front of her. His jealousy caused him to see and think all types of wrong things.

At least he actually assumes something, unlike how your naive self-doesn't see anything, a familiar voice echoed in Yu Zhenzhen's head. She quickly turned to the source and gaped. There stood OYZZ, her face twisted into annoyance and hatred. Yu Zhenzhen immediately noticed her hatred was pointed at the man in front of her—Nangong Longwei.

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