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   Chapter 40 40. The Return of the Forgotten Plot Line

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40. The Return of the Forgotten Plot Line

"Zhen Zhen!" Emperor Yu called out, his tone filled with distress. "We have an emergency."

Emergency? Could it be that he's not seeing me regarding my new engagement?

"Imperial Father, what's wrong?" Yu Zhenzhen quickly rushed toward the old emperor and kneeled by his throne.

Emperor Yu smiled at the sight of his filial daughter, her eyes showing her worry and her wisdom. He had thought to keep this from her to prevent her stress, but the problem has escalated to a dangerous point.

"Zhen Zhen... we are getting attacked." Those six words caused Yu Zhenzhen's heart to stop.


In the original novel, Nangong Longwei attacked the capital with an army to take over the throne, killing off every single person with the surname of Yu—the very last person he killed being Yu Zhenzhen. Since he was dead, who was attacking the empire?

Yu Zhenzhen remembered a very important point in the original novel—Nangong Longwei had collaborated with Natsu Sin, the foreign, spy prince, to gain his goals. Although many problems arise when Natsu Sin falls in love with Qing Xiaolin toward the end of the novel. But now that Nangong Longwei was out of the picture, did that mean it was Natsu Sin acting on his own?

Yu Zhenzhen was so caught up in her emotional distress that she forgot the main plot line could make a return at any moment. No matter that Natsu Sin was in love with her, his main priority was to invade the country of Yu for his country. He had already spent so long in the country of Yu, striking now seemed a bit odd.

Sure the military wasn't as strong as it used to be since Nangong Longwei passed away, but the country of Yu was still not to be trifled with. Besides, why did Natsu Sin decide now was the perfect time to make his move?


She, Yu Zhenzhen, was making assumptions. What if it wasn't Natsu Sin at all? What if the novel decided to throw in a new villain to progress the book as it is supposed to be?

Emperor Yu's words snapped Yu Zhenzhen out of her thoughts, "Rumors has it that the enemy army's leader is a person that wears a red mask and is called Ruthless Raven, known for their heartless and cruel behavior. Nobody knows whether they are a man or a woman..."

Yu Zhenzhen gasped. This was indeed something she did not remember in the original plot line. Who was this stranger and what was their aim? She would have to speak to OYZZ about th

daughter in a stifling hug, "No matter what, this father will always welcome this daughter of his."

"...Even if society says it's shameful?"

"I am the emperor. Those who dare to discriminate my daughter will suffer my wrath. Society cannot exist without me."

"Haha, I love you imperial father."

"I love you as well. Now, are you sure you want to go to such a dangerous place?"

"Yes, I want to go to the military camp." Yu Zhenzhen said stubbornly.

Was this a stupid decision? Probably.

Was that going to stop Yu Zhenzhen? Nope.

Besides, she needed to analyze the random character and think of ways to defeat him or her. She didn't want the royal family to die in this lifetime. Or any lifetime.

And she wasn't going to be at the frontline. She was going to stay in camp like a good girl.

And it'll allow Er Xi to see the man that she was discreetly crushing on, again.

Er Xi's definition of discreet meant blushing whenever he was nearby and giggling like a fangirl. She thought she wasn't being obvious, but everyone, except for the man she was crushing on, noticed.

This was a love that Yu Zhenzhen was going to be Cupid for. Besides, her best friend deserves a happily ever after, even if she, Yu Zhenzhen, was never going to get one.

It was stupid of her to say, but no one would make her feel like Longwei. Even if she spent an eternity with Sin, one's first love would haunt until death.

"I'll allow it. But if I hear that you got even a tiny scratch on your body, you will quickly return. Is that clear?" Emperor Yu reminded strictly.

"Yes, imperial father. Thank you, imperial father."

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