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   Chapter 39 39. Accusations Mixed With a Game of Chess! (II)

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 4979

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39. Accusations Mixed With a Game of Chess!? (II)

Meanwhile, Yu Zhenzhen and Ouyang had begun their game of chess.

"So, tell me..." Yu Zhenzhen picked up a white, wooden piece and set it forward on the chessboard. "Why is the famous scholar, son the of the prime minister, Ouyang Dichen, visiting this princess?" Before he could reply, she quickly added, "And don't tell me it's actually to play a simple game of chess..."

The sound of the pawn hitting the wood echoed in her royal pavilion but she didn't care as all her attention was on the man with the peach blossom eyes. He lazily narrowed them and smiled, "Just checking up on this princess. Any problems lately?"

Yu Zhenzhen laughed dryly, "None, thank you, scholar, for your concern." Problems? This yandere bastard is rubbing salt on my wounds.

His lazy expression didn't change, but something flashed across his eyes. It quickly disappeared before Yu Zhenzhen could catch what it was.

He placed down a random piece and Yu Zhenzhen smiled sarcastically. It looks like it was her win and the game had barely started! Who knew the famous scholar with a yandere trait was actually so bad at chess?

Zheng Mimi had only learned to play the game due to the insistence of a colleague, but it later became a well-loved hobby, other than cooking, of course.

She placed down another piece and smiled mockingly at the handsome face in front of her, "Checkmate!"

He didn't look disappointed nor did he react much, almost

Was she truly all grown up and he refused to accept it?

Thinking about it, his accusations were a bit foolish. She was a princess and the first princess at that! And she was the number one beauty in the entire country! Who would dare impersonate her... If she did have a doppelganger, there would be rumors and gossip...

And for her to be possessed? That was ridiculous!

Ouyang Dichen bowed his head in shame, "Forgive me, princess."

Yu Zhenzhen noticed how uncomfortable he was turning and waved it off, "As punishment, you have to come here often to be my chess opponent!"

He looked up, shocked, and a smile formed on his face. To be honest, he actually liked this attitude more than the princess' previous attitude, anyways.

A change was good, right?

In his moment of slowly accepting the princess, Ouyang Dichen forgot to mention his evidence: there had been no one hired or no one to personally teach the princess chess... So how did she know how to play it so well?

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