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   Chapter 37 37. Decisions and Duty

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 5616

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37. Decisions and Duty

"Grandmother!" Yu Zhenzhen exclaimed when seeing the old woman she met while having a fun date with Natsu Sin.

To Yu Zhenzhen's surprise, there was another man sipping tea with the elderly woman as they casually chatted without a single care.

The man turned around and Yu Zhenzhen felt her breath hitch. It was Natsu Sin, the man she had rejected multiple times yet he still was a persistent suitor, wanting to marry her despite her somewhat old age.

Seeing Yu Zhenzhen, both the Xi Elder and Natsu Sin brighten up and her up to greet her. They smiled politely at Er Xi and completely ignored Qing Xiaolin like she wasn't even there.

This displeased the girl but she still managed her perfect, angelic facade without a single crack.

Natsu Sin grabbed her wrist, and to his surprise, Yu Zhenzhen didn't pull away as usual. This puzzled the foreign prince since the princess would usually scold him for not having proper etiquette and remind him she had another man in her heart.

Speaking of the bastard that Natsu Sin hated with every fiber of his being—and was secretly jealous of, not that he'd admit—the moment his death was announced, Natsu Sin watched as Yu Zhenzhen break.

The poor princess didn't expect the man that protected her so fervidly to suddenly die on that cliff. Not only did it break Natsu Sin's heart seeing the bubbly girl lose her childish attitude, but it also triggered a new ray of hope in his heart since he now officially had a chance to woo and heal the princess.

To his dismay, she had rejected him every single time saying she wasn't interested. But Natsu Sin was persistent and knew that if he abandoned h

that insulted those that mattered to her.

Natsu Sin clenched his fists in worry and anxiety, "Who will you marry?"

His heart kept thumping fast in fear mixed with anticipation for her answer.

Yu Zhenzhen pretended to ponder over the answer and suddenly grinned, "I'm too lazy to look through the list of suitors, so I guess I'll have to marry a certain foreign prince..."

Natsu Sin released his tense aura and smiled brightly, sweeping Yu Zhenzhen in a hug, "I will make you happy."

Yu Zhenzhen only smiled and didn't say anything else, allowing herself to be picked up princess style.

Unbeknownst to everyone in the shop, there had been an expert with a red mask listening to the entire conversation. When he heard Yu Zhenzhen's proclamation, he clenched his sword so hard the metal began to bend. Blood trickled down his hand but he paid it no heed and glared in the direction of the couple.

Yu Zhenzhen, the man bitterly mused, if only you waited a bit longer...

His grip on his sword tightened, causing more blood to drip. No matter. Even if you don't want, you can't escape... you are mine.

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