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   Chapter 35 35. Three Years Later

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35. Three Years Later

"Zhen Zhen, what do you suggest we do for drought in Ju Village?" Emperor Yu whispered to his nineteen-year-old daughter that was sitting beside him.

Her calm and collected eyes flashed and she opened her mouth, silencing the entire court. "I believe ordering a group to take funds and materialistic things can be the first thing we do to ensure success."

No one was flustered when they heard the princess use I in front of the emperor. Long ago, it caused quite a ruckus, but over the years, the first princess had accumulated enough power that people believe the emperor will crown her Empress Regent. That is only a rumor since the crown prince, Yu Lijie, was as healthy as could be. But this wasn't the first time the first princess had suggested anything. In fact, her suggestions have helped the nation to the point that no one remembered her previous reputation, the once bratty princess.

Now, she was a wise and benevolent princess capable of being their future empress. A woman who, unfortunately, was still not married despite growing older and older each year.

Strangely, she still had plenty of suitors willing to do anything for the beauty, including the princes of foreign nations and generals and what not. The nineteen-year-old was indeed, the number one beauty in the entire country, which attracted attention from all over the world.

Yu Zhenzhen continued, "Then, our second step could be to build a well using the water from the West River."

A minister, whose eyes held jealousy, quickly blurted, "It's impossible for us to use water from the West River since it's contaminated!"

Yu Zhenzhen smiled at him without displaying any emotion, "Which is why I've discussed with imperial father a way to filter the water."

When she spoke those words, whispers immediately broke out and the minister paled. How was it possible to filter water to make it clean? How did a mediocre princess suddenly turn into a genius these past few years?

Emperor Yu waved his hand and court ended, dismissing everyone. When Yu Zhenzhen tried to leave, a scolding voice said, "Stop. Zhen Zhen, we need to speak."

Yu Zhenzhen turned

r sobs.

This was who she truly was—a weak girl. The persona she leads was all to prevent her father from marrying her off like the political pawn a princess was supposed to be. Making herself useful, she could stay in Yu without worries of being a domesticated wife of a stranger.

"Gege..." Yu Zhenzhen cried in the arms of her brother, Yu Lijie. The older man softly patted his sister's head and murmured gentle encouragement.

Rumors floated around that his sister was one with an iron heart; an invincible mind when it came to politics. But he, Yu Lijie, knew why she acted like completely opposite to her character. In reality, she was a soft-spoken girl with a fragile heart and empty smile.

Ever since that day.

Oh, how he wished he went with her to the temple to protect her. If only he had gone, his innocent sister wouldn't have suffered nor traumatized like now.

But no matter how much he wanted to change the past, he couldn't. All he could do is offer support and guide her to move on.

Yu Zhenzhen stared at her former sister complexed brother. In these past three years, she had slowly cured his obsession, and now, he was like every other older brother that one could depend on. His former crazed look was replaced with a look of endearment and a look of tranquility.

He was peaceful, and Yu Zhenzhen couldn't be happier. And he was a pillar of support that she needed, especially when she was crying unknowingly.

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