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   Chapter 33 33. Teasing the Icy Duke

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 6993

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33. Teasing the Icy Duke

"Excuse me?" Yu Zhenzhen said when she heard the foreign prince utter those words. Never in her wildest dreams did she actually think her parents would actually engage her again, especially so soon! She knew that being a princess, the first princess at that, would eventually have an arranged marriage, but it hasn't even been six months since the cancellation of the last one!

And besides, prince Natsu was indeed the modern equivalent of a bipolar asshole. Like practically every other man in this novel, especially the male lead, Nangong Longwei.

"Zhen Zhen!" Both men cried out when they noticed she was awake. Yu Zhenzhen ignored Nangong Longwei, despite his hurt looks, and narrowed her eyes at Natsu Sin. "Prince Natsu, "

The foreign prince pretended he didn't hear her call until Yu Zhenzhen sighed and said, "Sin-gege, " only then did he turn his head in her direction and give her a dazzling smile. "Yes, my future princess consort? Don't worry, you will love the country of Natsu."

Yu Zhenzhen controlled the urge to roll her eyes. Why was one of the male leads actually so obsessed with her? Wasn't he supposed to fawn over the female lead? Dear author, please fix the plot line, it's heading in a completely different direction.

"When did—why are we—how?" Yu Zhenzhen's brain was so confused to the point it couldn't even form proper sentences. Who could blame her? Her former kidnapper is telling her they are engaged out of the blue.

"Emperor Yu decided that he couldn't allow his favorite daughter to remain fiancé-less, hence the decision to engage you. Luckily, this prince is benevolent enough to offer to marry you."

Yu Zhenzhen frowned, "What about the girl you were telling me about at the temple? The one you were thankful for?"

Natsu Sin widened his eyes at her denseness and naivety. He didn't believe there could be anyone this clueless in the world, but here she stood, a complete and utter fool when it came to love.

"I was talking about-"

Nangong Longwei interrupted him when he pulled the princess out of his l

e understood what the word meant. His eyes grew angry for a second until they cooled down in submission. "I'm sorry."

"I'd appreciate if you spoke in complete sentences." Yu Zhenzhen knew she was pushing his limits, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to tease the infamous, icy duke.

Why wouldn't she take advantage of it?

"I'm sorry for being an asshole. Anything else your lordship should apologize for?"

Yu Zhenzhen fanned herself and mock-bowed, "My lordship has done aplenty. Apologizing must have damaged your egotistical nature, forgive this princess! Forgive this princess for she has sinned!"

Nangong Longwei, having noticed she was teasing him, cracked a smile on her face. He pretended to grow angry and lunged for her, in which Yu Zhenzhen released a shrill scream.

He grabbed her slim waist and pulled her near him, causing her tiny frame to collapse with his hard chest. "I'm sorry." He mumbled quietly.

Yu Zhenzhen was about to reply but Nangong Longwei quickly pushed her to the ground.

She was about to scold him but realized an arrow had pierced the ground. She paled in fear and gasped when she noticed the blood dripping down his chest.

"You're injured!" She yelled anxiously, tears streaming down her lovely face.

"I'm fine. Are you okay?"

Once again, Yu Zhenzhen was interrupted when a rain of arrows hurled in their direction...

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