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   Chapter 30 30. The Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 4864

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30. The Way to a Man's Heart is Through His Stomach

The moment they stepped back, Yu Zhenzhen was surrounded by worried people nagging at her and Shangming Yunwang for going out without informing anyone.

As a prideful man, Shangming Yunwang tried to take all responsibility for their disappearance, but Yu Zhenzhen quickly explained it was her idea. She was not a damsel in distress that would allow someone to take responsibility for her terrible attempt of seduction. Especially the man she had just rejected.

Yu Zhenzhen glanced at everyone but noticed a particular person was not here.

Usually, he would be here to scold her for going out or threaten her with a kiss. Speaking of him, a blush crept up on Yu Zhenzhen's face when she remembered his well-sculptured body. Though it had been OYZZ occupying the body and she was only watching, that didn't change the fact that it was a beautiful scene with two abnormally beautiful people.

Her heart fluttered strangely, but Yu Zhenzhen decided to ignore the unfamiliar feeling. Who cares if he was not here?

She brushed off her thoughts and announced, "Let us go back tomorrow."

She wanted to go back tonight, but she realized that she hadn't done her original purpose in coming to the temple—praying. And coming to a popular temple meaning to pray but not praying was an offense Yu Zhenzhen was not going to commit against the gods or goddesses.

Out of the corner of her eye, she rea

d one at that.

Er Xi's eyes widened in shock, "No way, your highness!"

Yu Zhenzhen rolled her eyes, "Please? As a matter of fact, I'll tell the servants in charge of food."

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Er Xi sighed and didn't raise her head. Yu Zhenzhen heart ached when seeing her friend treat her so unfamiliarly.

Yu Zhenzhen stepped out of the sedan and stared at the cloudless sky. It was a beautiful afternoon and she had just the dish in mind!

Her inner chef fanatic was listing the ingredients they had available until she heard a voice ask, "Princess? What are you doing?"

Yu Zhenzhen turned her head to meet the eyes of an angelic Qing Xiaolin.

Wariness filled her chest when she stared at the girl she thought was innocent. Didn't OYZZ say she was from the modern world as well? Time to test out a few things.

"Xiaolin, " Yu Zhenzhen paused cautiously. "Have you ever read The Overwhelming Lord's Sweet Consort?"

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