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   Chapter 26 26. The Original Yu Zhenzhen Strikes!

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 8996

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26. The Original Yu Zhenzhen Strikes!

"Wow! My mind is blown away..." Yu Zhenzhen exclaimed in shock when she saw how big the temple was. The Flourishing Temple was known to be the holiest temple in the Country of Yu where rumors were that if you prayed hard enough, the heavens would hear your wish.

Monks here had excellent martial arts so they always protected the temple, or so she remembered from the novel. But a certain event in the book where Qing Xiaolin accidentally broke a porcelain statue, causing the monks to scold her, forced the male lead to release his martial arts prowess. Long story short, Qing Xiaolin left a horrible impression whenever she left but it didn't matter to her as long as her beloved protected her. Gag.

Since it was Yu Zhenzhen this time with Nangong Longwei and a bunch of other 'guards', she was going to make sure to leave a good impression on the monks. The reason being if the original Yu Zhenzhen truly get overboard with her demands, she could always come to this holy place and ask for guidance. Though Yu Zhenzhen was sure they'd look at her like she was a mental person when saying, yo! I came from a world with like phones and airplanes and lightbulbs. I was like reading this book and suddenly—because of a rotten egg—I got sucked in. Yeah, it's been great, but I really wanna go back now. So do your holy, voodoo abracadabra to take me back. Oh, did I mention the ghost of the body I'm occupying is haunting me to make sure I'm doing my job of seducing and killing? Super fun! The sarcasm is real.

She bowed respectfully at the bald man in front of her and he gave her a polite smile. His kind eyes made Yu Zhenzhen feel bubbly and feel pure. He guided the entourage to the resting quarters. Yu Zhenzhen turned around and almost had a heart attack when she saw the three hot men standing side-by-side. She wiped away the drool that was forming and and gave them a perverted grin.

All three felt a shiver up their spines, and subconsciously moved a step back from the wolf that was submerging in front of them. Except a figure wearing an open robe emerged and gave her a lazy grin.

"Prince Natsu!" Yu Zhenzhen was shocked. Was he here for security as well? If she knew so many handsome men were going to be gathered then she would've gone to the temple more often. "What are you doing here?"

Natsu Sin gave her a wicked smile, "Just here to thank the heavens for allowing a beautiful woman to be in my life." He winked at Yu Zhenzhen and she felt a blush forming. She wasn't feeling jealous of whoever the woman was since she held no feelings feelings for the prince other than friendship. A bit of annoyance for kidnapping her,

ly swooped out and went inside of her.

"Please don't!" Yu Zhenzhen asked out loud when she opened her eyes. All she saw was an empty darkness.

The original Yu Zhenzhen words burned her ears, "I gave you a chance. Now I'm going to make things right."

"Didn't you say that Nangong Longwei was in..." Yu Zhenzhen hesitated saying the word love since it was basically admitting to the whole idea of playing around with the man's feelings.

"He is, "

"Then don't do anything that will mess things up!" Yu Zhenzhen shouted in frustration.

She heard a sigh before the darkness evaporated into the scene of the temple room again.

"Finally! Thank-" She paused in shock when she noticed she was staring at Yu Zhenzhen's body. "Am I a roaming soul? Like you?"

The original Yu Zhenzhen opened her nodded. "You're going to watch. And tell me if I'm doing something wrong."

"Please don't do this..." Yu Zhenzhen didn't like the feeling of floating on nothing. It made her fear the outcome of not listening to the princess.

The original Yu Zhenzhen rolled her eyes, "If you didn't act stupid, this wouldn't have happened. Besides, " she pointed to a small dagger hidden in the dress she was wearing, "Watch and learn."

Yu Zhenzhen eyes widened, subconsciously taking a step back. Oh how she longed to go home and never go near a dumb egg ever again.

The original Yu Zhenzhen turned her attention and started walking towards the door, "The good news is, " she paused and laughed at Yu Zhenzhen's anxious face. "This is only for twenty-four hours. Thanks to the energy floating in the temple, I am able to harvest my powers to reach the point where I take over my body for a day. It'll harvest for so long to the point that I'll soon be able to control my body again, forever."

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