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   Chapter 20 20. Captive Like an Exotic Bird in a Golden Cage

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 5532

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20. Captive Like an Exotic Bird in a Golden Cage

"Let me go! I seriously don't understand why you think it's okay for me to be stuck here with you." Yu Zhenzhen complained loudly glaring at the man in front of her.

He only gave her a smile, "I think I have the right to see you with open eyes after so long."

She rolled her eyes, "No, you and I have absolutely no particular relations. I demand you let me go and stop treating me an exotic bird you keep in a golden cage." Yu Zhenzhen banged on the cell she was in to prove her point.

The kidnapper only smirked from behind the bars and gave her a taunting smile, "Princess, this me granting you independence. Don't test my patience by saying I'm trapping you in a golden cage." He paused, "Besides, this is temporary. You'll be coming with me to somewhere else. If I were you, I'd bid the country of Yu goodbye since you won't be back."

Yu Zhenzhen stared at him in horror and banged on the bars, "Let me out of here! Why are you even keeping me here? Why me? Like, I know I'm the most gorgeous specimen known to man, " curtesy of the original Yu Zhenzhen, "But that doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want! Please let me go. I promise I'll use an excuse and not mention you."

The kidnapper eyed her up and down with a satisfied smile on his face. "That's true. I have never seen anyone as pretty as you. As for the reason I'm keeping you here, let's just call it a sudden urge."

Yu Zhenzhen screamed profanity at him, but he ignored her and walked off without turning back.


"Have you found the princess yet?" Emperor Yu asked

way or I will curse thee!"

He opened the cell and slowly walked inside in a menacing manner. He tried reaching for Yu Zhenzhen, but thanks to her small body, she agilely dodged his attempts.

He sighed and threw her a blanket he had hidden with a jesting manner, "I only said my things, you just assumed I meant to sleep with you."

Yu Zhenzhen's face turned bloody scarlet with embarrassment. She shielded her face and mumbled incoherent words.

Natsu Sin only laughed again and walked outside, "Sweet dreams princess."

On his way with his back turned he added, "If you actually want me to sleep with you, I'm only a yell away..." He paused and turned around with a wink, "Though my innocent self will only cuddle... I can let you take advantage of me though."

Yu Zhenzhen flipped him off and he shook his head in feigned shock, "You don't want this deliciousness?" He pointed at himself.

"Not in this lifetime or any lifetime! Now piss off and let me sleep, Sin gege, " Yu Zhenzhen mocked.

He saluted and left leaving Yu Zhenzhen alone with only her thoughts to keep her company.

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