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   Chapter 19 19. Unpleasant Kidnappers and Horrible Sailor Moon Impressions

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 3894

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19. Unpleasant Kidnappers and Horrible Sailor Moon Impressions

"Who is it?" Yu Zhenzhen asked cautiously. She posed in the most basic karate move that she remembered from the class she took a long time ago—front stance. Her hands were held and even Er Xi gasped, "Princess you know martial arts?"


Of course I do...not.

Yu Zhenzhen ignored Er Xi's question and asked again, "Who is it? Reveal thyself! In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" She proceeded to pose like Sailor Moon, but she ended up slipping and falling flat on her face.

Blood trickled down her nose but she didn't care. She just wished the earth would crack open a hole so she could jump in it. She, Yu Zhenzhen, had managed to embarrass herself in front of a mysterious figure that may or may not have been there to kidnap her.

She felt big hands lift her like a sack of potatoes and suddenly she was flying.

"Ah! Let me go! Do you even have a flying license? You are a horrible pilot! I'm telling you, I'm a princess and touching me can get you in serious trouble!" The figure ignored her and she continued to use her tiny fists to bang on his back.

"Let me go or

as the emperor's wish for me to come only? Who am I to go above the emperor's request?" His last sentence was pointed at the two elders as they paled.

The emperor held a blank face and pretended he didn't catch what the duke was suggesting. His current attention was to find Yu Zhenzhen before the empress found out her daughter was kidnapped only a few hours after awakening from her coma.

Before emperor Yu could say anything else, a person burst inside and demanded, "Father emperor, I want to go search for Zhen Zhen as well. Please allow this brother to go look for his sister."

Emperor Yu nodded as he gave the six people the harshest look he could muster, "I expect to see my daughter in less than a week."

They all bowed deeply and immediately strode off.

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