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   Chapter 11 11. Vinegar Here, Vinegar There, Vinegar Everywhere!

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 7655

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11. Vinegar Here, Vinegar There, Vinegar Everywhere!

Nangong Longwei was patiently sitting in front of a pair of siblings whom seem to have forgotten he even existed.

When he first asked the princess on an outing, never did he expect to have a third wheel crash along, and for the third wheel to glare at him every time he tried to converse with the princess.

Speaking of the princess, she looked so lovely sitting there and quietly munching on snacks and drinking tea.

It was especially cute when she grew angry with her older brother for being too caring.

Despite watching the princess, Nangong Longwei made sure to quickly avert his eyes and pretend he was ignoring her.

He even watched her leave to go to the restroom for a moment with a frown on his face.

"That's my sister." Yu Lijie said possessively. "No matter if father emperor granted this marriage, it will soon be void. A mere duke thinks he is good enough for the first princess born from the empress? Maybe a concubine's daughter would fit better in terms of status."

Nangong Longwei lazily turned his eyes to Yu Lijie and gave him a leisured smile. That smile caused unexpected shivers to run down Yu Lijie's back and break out in cold sweat.

"I appreciate Prince Yu's thoughts, but this marriage has been granted by the emperor. Unless you think the emperor wasn't wise in such a decision? You think the Son of Heaven was wrong for doing what he did?"

Yu Lijie paled at Nangong Longwei's meaning. He was hinting that Yu Lijie was disobeying the emperor by placing his opinion over the emperor.

Such a crime not only stripped Yu Lijie of his crown prince status, but in a more severe case, might even bring him death!

"Nangong Longwei!" Yu Lijie slammed his fist on the table, "What are you implying? That benwang is thinking of a coup against father emperor? I appreciate the concern, but your lordship should worry about yourself. After all, standing on thin ice is a dangerous thing that can crack and drown you at any unexpected moment."

Yu Lijie merely returned a threat with another threat. His meaning was clear—Nangong Longwei was in a trickier situation than him, so he didn't have the right to discuss such a topic.

Before Nangong Longwei could retort, he furrowed his eyebrows

uncovered anger. His tone was lace with venom as he glared at the two.

They both look at him in shock, especially Yu Zhenzhen. Her look of surprised caused even more anger to bloom inside of Nangong Longwei's chest.

Meanwhile, Natsu Sin was eyeing the infamous Duke of Yu. Indeed, the man lived up to his reputation. Just his gaze alone made Natsu Sin subconsciously recognize him as a rival. Especially when Natsu Sin noticed how Nangong Longwei stared at Yu Zhenzhen.

Natsu Sin blocked Yu Zhenzhen from the duke's path and unsheathed his sword. "Your lordship is here, unexpectedly."

"Yes, " He spat out. "It seems like I happen to interrupt a lovely outing you both had."

"That's not-" Yu Zhenzhen wanted to explain, but she knew it was useless since he wasn't going to listen to her.

The atmosphere was thick with enmity as both men's eyes flickered between each other and the nervous Yu Zhenzhen.

Suddenly, Yu Zhenzhen made a bold decision and stepped out from Natsu Sin's protection. She mumbled a rapid thank you and apology, then waved him goodbye.

Nangong Longwei watched their interaction and a pleased feeling was making its way to his chest when he saw Yu Zhenzhen walk in his direction.

Maybe she doesn't need harsh punishment... After all, she looks as fragile as a lotus.

Yu Zhenzhen avoided Nangong Longwei's questioning gaze as they walked back in silence.

Finally, Nangong Longwei no longer able to stand the quiet between them, grabbed her waist and pulled her to his chest.

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