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   Chapter 8 8. Misunderstanding! Old Lady, it Definitely isn't What it Looks Like!

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 5544

Updated: 2018-05-08 14:33

8. Misunderstanding! Old Lady, it Definitely isn't What it Looks Like!

"Prince Natsu, please wait a moment while I get a simpler dress to try to blend in with the commoners."

Natsu Sin narrowed his eyes dangerously and stood in his place without moving. "Princess Yu, please be at more ease and let's be more aquatinted with each other."

Yu Zhenzhen widened her eyes in confusion looking like an innocent doe who didn't know what he meant.

Though the sly fox within her was panicking since being 'aquatinted' with Natsu Sin was not something written in the novel.

So why was he trying to get aquatinted with her now?

"What does Prince Natsu mean?"

He sighed, gentleness flashing through his eyes before blinking it away. "Call me Sin gege."

Yu Zhenzhen gasped in shock, "Prince Natsu, I don't think it's appropriate for us to refer so familiarly. Traditionally, I shouldn't even be here with you since we're both unmarried!"

He rolled his eyes, "It's good to break unnecessary tradition every once in a while."

Not if you're not the real Yu Zhenzhen and are trying hard not to draw suspicion!

"Prince Natsu..."

The dark haired, dark eyed tall man stood firmly in front of Yu Zhenzhen's tiny frame without moving unless she gave in.

Which she did a few minutes before later. "Fine. S-Sin g-gege, please stay back while I go inside the shop."

Natsu Sin smiled at her and stepped aside. While she was walking, she felt a presence behind her that was trailing.

Yu Zhenzhen turned around with an exasperated look, Prince—I mean, Sin-gege, what are you doing?"

He only gave her a sly smile in return, "Since we are both g

. "Come with me and we'll find you something to wear. As for the young sir, please look over the men's clothing in left direction and find something suitable."

The old woman grabbed Yu Zhenzhen's smooth hand and pulled her to the corner. She began rummaging through a box and pulled out a few selections. Some where colorful while some were dull.

She placed a bright green dress near Yu Zhenzhen and frowned, shaking her head and repeating the process with another dress.

This went on until they finally found a suitable dress that was black with a blend of red. Despite it being simple, the dress hugged Yu Zhenzhen like a second layer of skin making the old woman blush and mumble incoherent words. Yu Zhenzhen gave the old woman an embarrassed look and averted her eyes shyly. Her exterior was a shy noble miss not used to wearing clothes that were of the simple material. Her inner devil was squealing at how pretty she looked and marveled over how lucky the original Yu Zhenzhen was for being born so gorgeous.

Even simple clothes like these made Yu Zhenzhen look like a celestial maiden.

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