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   Chapter 6 6. The Start of a Date With Disaster

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 5333

Updated: 2018-05-08 14:32

6. The Start of a Date With Disaster

"What are you doing?" Yu Zhenzhen mumbled with annoyance seeing who the man in front of her is.

Ever since her birthday banquet, Nangong Longwei had not left her alone, making it his priority to meet with her as much as possible.

It drove her absolutely insane, but she could not deny him, for he was using the excuse of spending time with his fiancée.

It also confused Yu Zhenzhen since it was stated that Nangong Longwei ignored the original Yu Zhenzhen like a plague despite all her antics.

But the Nangong Longwei in front of her wasn't cold nor did he seem to be ignoring her, in fact, purposely visiting her.

"Here to take you out. It's customary for this lord to get to know his future first wife." He extended his arm and Yu Zhenzhen reluctantly stared at it. "Don't worry, I made sure my breath doesn't resemble garlic in anyway."

Yu Zhenzhen wanted to cry because the man reminded her of her words every time they met.

It showed that the man was truly hurt by her words and his pride was wounded.

In reality, Yu Zhenzhen had only said such words to prevent him from seeing her starting to grow scarlet.

Truly, with his hot breath, his face super near, Yu Zhenzhen could feel herself starting to drool.

Who wouldn't when in his handsome presence?

And his visits defeated the purpose of her words since he visited almost every chance he got!

To outsiders, it was him showing affection. To Yu Zhenzhen, she knew it was a petty way of his revenge.

Speaking of their engagement, Yu Zhenzhen had personally tried to t

Nangong Longwei has reserved our third floor for as long as he sees fit."

Yu Zhenzhen widened her eyes and looked back at a Nangong Longwei that was avoiding her gaze.

The novel had mentioned that Nangong Longwei was extremely wealthy, but Yu Zhenzhen didn't expect it to be to this length!

Goodness, a wealthy man attracted pesky flies all the time, especially if he was as handsome as Nangong Longwei.

Knowing that many females would not leave her alone should she ever decide to stick to Nangong Longwei, Yu Zhenzhen made a decision to keep away from him.

Sure, her original goal was that in the first place since he was going to kill her, but recently, his actions had gone completely against the novel making Yu Zhenzhen a bit confused.

Seeing how endless his wealth was, Yu Zhenzhen knew she had to be firmer. She had to reject him harder so that he could get the message.

So why not use this date to her advantage and make him give up on her?

And hopefully, she could drag him around town and look for a rotten egg to take her home!

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