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   Chapter 3 3. Everyone is a Psycho Without Exception

The Ultimate Revival of Princess Yu Zhenzhen By silentscarlettt Characters: 5222

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3. Everyone is a Psycho Without Exception

"Princess, Nubi-whoops, I will make you the most beautiful flower at the banquet tonight." Er Xi confidently chittered as she continued to brush Yu Zhenzhen's luscious, ink-like hair. Long, smooth, and clearly beautiful, princess' hair easily overshadowed any female's mane.

The princess chose a pink hanfu that alternated in shades, and a white floral lace covering over her body and dress elegantly. Er Xi paired off the dress with a simple hairstyle that included a braided bun enclasped by golden hairpins, letting the rest of her hair flow freely.

Yu Zhenzhen gave a melancholic sigh and pouted. Though she had tried eating raw eggs, all of them only turned out to be perfectly normal eggs. Not a single egg was a rotten egg.

She had tried sending Er Xi back to the kitchen to ask specifically for a rotten egg, but the kitchen staff had made the point clear that anything with the word rotten was to be dumped outside immediately for beggars. Yu Zhenzhen had personally wanted to go beg for a rotten egg, but she had an idea it would only end up with her lock in an ancient version of a mental institution.

Thus, even though she is unwilling, she has to go to the birthday banquet today. The birthday banquet where the engagement was announced and Nangong Longwei officially started hating her.

Her as in the real princess, not the soul phony occupying her body. Speaking of Nangong Longwei, she was deeply afraid to meet him, yet she was also intrigued since the author described him as a celestial deity that had descended on earth, no male comparable in appearance.

She was also scared yet excited to meet two of the many second-male leads that will appear at the banquet. One of them was named Ouyang Dichen, the eldest son of the Prime Minister with an impeccable character; extremely popular in terms of attitude and looks.

Another one was Natsu Sin, a foreign prince with Japanese like attributes that oozed sex appeal and defined the modern term of a bad boy.

The reason the author had chosen the name 'Sin' was that of the English word sin which made her cringe at the time reading, but she slowly fell in love with his tsundere act.

Although Ouyang Dichen was a yandere through and through, especially when he falls in love with the female lead. Initially, every second-male lead had wanted to kill Yu Zhenzhen, but Qing Xiaolin's angelic-self stopped them until Nangong Longwei couldn't take it anymore and stabbed the princess ruthlessly.

Something that confused her when reading the web novel, every second-male lead

that falls in love with Qing Xiaolin is gorgeous. Not Nangong Longwei gorgeous, but gorgeous enough. Everyone except for a rare few, including Yu Zhenzhen's older brother, Yu Lijie.

At first, she was confused why such a handsome boy didn't fall for Qing Xiaolin like the rest of the male species, but as the plot progressed, it was made clear—Yu Lijie had a sister complex.

A major sister complex to the point he thought no one was good enough for Yu Zhenzhen, including the fiancé she was head over heels in love with. He was also the one that spoiled the princess the most by giving in to her every demand.

Unfortunately, he and the rest of the princess' family are slaughtered later as the book progresses. Speaking of the sister-complex brother, a maid loudly announced, "His Highness the crown prince wishes to enter!" Yu Zhenzhen gave a nod to Er Xi, and the maid went over and opened the door. A dashing man with a charming smile strode in confidently, his gaze scanning the area until it fell on her.

"Zhen Zhen!"

Yu Zhenzhen gave him a helpless smile, "This birthday banquet... must I go?" Yu Lijie gave her a dubious look, "Of course! It is all about you Zhen Zhen." Yu Zhenzhen pouted, "But I don't want to be engaged to a stranger."

Yu Lijie visibly paled, "Engagement? What engagement, how come I haven't heard of it? Who dares vie for my precious Zhen Zhen?" Yu Zhenzhen flicked her hand as though dismissing his anger, "I overheard father and mother discussing it."

"Who is it? Who is the bastard?" Yu Lijie growled.

Yu Zhenzhen widened her eyes and regret began filling her heart. What was she thinking, telling this sister-obsessed boy about the engagement?

"I-I didn't hear the name. Come, brother, let's go and find out who he is." Although this statement is completely hypocritical to her previous one about not wanting to go, she had a feeling the man in front of her would go killing and questioning every bachelor currently in the palace if she wasn't with him. She just hoped he wouldn't press on and continue demanding.

Fortunately, he didn't as he beckoned her over close to him. Yu Zhenzhen didn't really have a chose in denying the manner since she didn't want to arise suspension from the man that had grown up with the previous Yu Zhenzhen.

Thus the two siblings began walking in the direction of where the banquet was being held. If Yu Zhenzhen knew of the trouble that was going to stir at the gathering, she would've made a beeline to the exit.

Unfortunately, the type of thing that was going to happen... not even the author wrote about!

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