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   Chapter 2 2. Why is it so Troublesome to Die Peacefully

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2. Why is it so Troublesome to Die Peacefully?

"Eggs." Er Xi gulped and eyed the princess, "Eh?"

"Eggs! The more the merrier, the more rotten the better!" Zheng Mimi repeated impatiently. Er Xi stared at the princess like she was an animal on exhibit in the zoo. The thing the princess hated eating the most was eggs. So why was she asking for eggs and rotten ones in particular?

"Princess, don't you dislike eggs with a passion?" Zheng Mimi snorted, "Just get me the eggs, please." Er Xi almost had a heart attack hearing the word please come out of the princess' mouth. She bobbed her head and dashed out of the room, forgetting to bow before she left. That made Zheng Mimi feel somewhat relieved as the girl was too uptight. Although it had been a few days since Zheng Mimi's soul transported to Yu Zhenzhen's body, Zheng Mimi wasn't giving up the idea of leaving.

She had tried all sorts of methods including suicide in a pond—which ended with the water reaching only to her knees and her clumsy self-tripping and face planting, walking back to her room like a drenched cat—and using a knife, but the knife the servants gave her was only the length of a pinky and wasn't that sharp.

The ancient equivalent of a modern butter knife.

Then her methods led her to try to smash a case on her head that looked to be made of porcelain, but in reality, it was a metal that was painted on the outside to imitate porcelain. Since she couldn't smash it on herself, she ended up banging her head until she started seeing stars.

Then she had tried tying her sheets to a hook and using it as a rope to hang herself, but who knew the princess was heavier than her tiny body lead on? The moment she lifted her legs off the stool, the sheets' knot came undone and she fell on the stool with her legs in a perfect split.

Even till now her aching muscles made her glare at sheets in resentment.

Finally, she had thought of using eggs, rotten ones to be exact.

Since that mysterious egg that tasted like smelly socks dipped in poo was the reason she was here, maybe eating another one would take her back.

How did Zheng Mimi know how such a flavor existed? Don't ask, it's a long story.

Zheng Mimi frowned and plotted her butt on her large, spacious bed. She wondered if she had recently attracted a crow since her luck was so bad. For goodness sake, she couldn't even kill herself in peace without failing miserably?

Finally, Er Xi walked into the room with all types of dishes made of eggs.

Before the servants even had the opportunity to set down the plates, the princess grabbed a pair of chopsticks and started chomping down the food like a starved animal. "Er Xi, Shis Ish So Hood! (Er Xi, this is so good!)" Zheng Mimi said with her mouth full.

The servants stared at her in shock, their eyes showing disbelief at how such a dainty princess could have the appetite of a large man. A few minutes later, Zheng Mimi burped loudly and wiped her mouth.

The servants gaped at the spotless plates and bowls and blinked several times, thinking they were hallucinating. When Zheng Mimi realized that nothing was happening, she pouted.

There goes another plan that didn't work!

What plan was she on now? Plan K? Plan L?

She passed Plan B long ago.

"Er X

i, I want you to bring me raw eggs. Like the egg as a whole without it being made into a dish. If it is rotten, then all the better. Don't bring me egg dishes this time."

Er Xi wondered if instead of eggs, she should get the palace physician. After all, the old man had been visiting very often these few days due to the princess' strange antics.

Despite her protests, Er Xi silently went to the kitchen and asked them for what the princess requested. "Eh? Rotten eggs? Er Xi, is the princess okay?" One of the servants in the kitchen asked with a mocking tone.

"Yeah, the princess is turning more and more... interesting nowadays." Another servant added laughing. "Imprudent!" Er Xi snapped. "Mere servants dare to mock a princess? Have you eaten the liver of a tiger? Grown the balls of a lion?" She didn't understand the irritation she felt in her chest when these people made fun of the princess. Sure she was a bit odd, but who wasn't?

Both servants were about to retort but quickly kneeled in fear at the sight of something behind Er Xi. "Er Xi, did you get the eggs yet?" Zheng Mimi questioned.

Her beautiful appearance in the kitchen was like a beam light in the midst of darkness.

Though Zheng Mimi didn't mention, in the novel, Yu Zhenzhen was the most beautiful female which added on to her arrogance that she was better than Qing Xiaolin. No matter where Yu Zhenzhen went, her appearance overshadowed everything and everyone.

At first, Zheng Mimi was confused when reading about Yu Zhenzhen's beauty but then understood.

Usually, the female lead was the gorgeous character, but the author of this novel had given Yu Zhenzhen the advantage to create a balance and to make the princess not feel inferior to Qing Xiaolin. If the female lead was prettier than the antagonist, then the story wouldn't be as interesting as the antagonist would feel defeat and inferior.

However, if she was the prettiest character, the antagonist would have a reason to believe she was better. In fact, the entire royal family of Yu was gorgeous especially the empress and her two children.

"Yes princess, these servants were about to get them for you." Er Xi didn't ask whether or not the princess heard the mocking words, she didn't dare hurt the princess' feelings. "Er Xi, tell them to hurry. I need the eggs, ginger, and a bit of honey to create a facial mask. My smooth skin had been feeling a bit dry." Hearing this, the servants' ears went red with shame.

Their mocking was for nothing as the princess was only using it for a beauty product. Er Xi smiled and nodded. "The ingredients will be delivered shortly. Princess should go back as it isn't proper to be a kitchen for too long."

Zheng Mimi nodded and walked back. Actually, she came to check up on how long her rotten eggs were going to take to be delivered, but then she overheard the servants' mocking behavior.

She then heard Er Xi's protective tone and felt a warm feeling in her chest. In the modern world, she only had a few friends, and they weren't even close friends. Though they spoke to her, it was only because she was a brilliant chef and they wanted pointers and advice.

So hearing Er Xi's genuine tone made her happy.

She had a feeling that they were going to be good friends.

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