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   Chapter 11 11. The Expressionless Ice Queen

The Ultimate Heartbreak of Chef Zheng Mimi By silentscarlettt Characters: 3871

Updated: 2018-09-22 22:10

11. The Expressionless Ice Queen

Zheng Mimi was annoyed. Not only did she have to endlessly clean the filthy restaurant until it now was spotless, with the help of Rilianne White, but she lost her precious handkerchief. It wasn't considered precious because it was made of expensive material or bedazzled with the loveliest jewels, it was only a simple handkerchief.

What made it precious was that she worked on it in those long, agonizing six months of physical therapy. Not only did embroidery help her fingers moved, but it also improved her skills. Zheng Mimi remembered her first time being told to embroider as Yu Zhenzhen. It was something she had started in the absence of him throughout his disappearance of three years because she needed many hobbies, habits, etcetera, to get her mind off of him.

It wasn't just embroidery. Painting. Chess. Everything. All to get her thoughts out of cloud nine. He was her love yet she despised him. Now that Zheng Mimi thought about it, their relationship was toxic. He was toxic.

And the fact that he disappeared for his so-called conquest of her empire didn't help his case, either.

Why had she bee

t it must've happened before she fell comatose. It must've been something that happened during her childhood or her job. At least former job at Starlight.

Nonetheless, Rilianne White raised her camera and snapped Zheng Mimi's photo, despite her smile-less face.

She nodded at Zheng Mimi as the chef went back to silently brood over her thoughts that remained a mystery to Rilanne White, even when they were now good friends.

But Rilianne White didn't mind over. Some things are meant to be a secret. Even she has her own secrets and doesn't wish to expose herself completely. It was better to have some type of barrier that most likely wouldn't break for a while between them. Everyone has secrets, and Rilianne White was going to respect Zheng Mimi's...


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