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   Chapter 10 10. Meeting an Angel

The Ultimate Heartbreak of Chef Zheng Mimi By silentscarlettt Characters: 9503

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10. Meeting an Angel

Before Wang Xhilie could fall, the woman caught her arms and helped Wang Xhilie steady herself.

Once Wang Xhilie looked at the woman, she wanted to gasp. The woman was the most beautiful person she had seen in her life. It was almost like the woman's features were created to the utmost perfection. Such looks were an impossible feat for plastic surgery, so Wang Xhilie could only assume that they were given to the woman since birth.

"Are you alright?" The woman asked kindly, treating Wang Xhilie like fragile glass. Wang Xhilie couldn't find her voice at the moment as more tears filled her eyes. The woman smiled as she helped Wang Xhilie to a nearby bench for them to sit down at.

Gently wiping away her tears with a beautifully embroidered handkerchief that had a small toque and the initials Z.M.M., the woman patted Wang Xhilie's back like how one would treat a child. Not like Wang Xhilie minded. Other than her brother, it had been so long since she was treated with grace, especially from an older figure. Although the woman was not much older than her, she still treated Wang Xhilie like how an older sister or mother would treat those younger.

Zheng Mimi never expected to bump into this young woman who was only a few years younger than her. Seeing her small form eyes filled with tears, she couldn't help but remember how a younger Aitian. He would always have his beautiful eyes fill with tears when others bullied him in primary school, depending on his older sister to help him. Once he got to secondary school, he grew more and more independent, making Zheng Mimi relieved and sad at the same time.

She felt relieved that he could defend himself, but felt sad because she felt like he didn't need her anymore. Luckily, she had been wrong and their relationship was still good and healthy. Only after waking up from her coma, he seemed to despise the very ground that she walks on.

Zheng Mimi prayed and hoped that one day, he would find it in himself to forgive her. After all, when in came to having siblings, they only had each other.

As a peaceful silence loomed over them, Wang Xhilie decided to finally speak to this sweet stranger. "Thank you." Wang Xhilie knew that her parents would scold her to no ends if they figured or found out that she, the daughter of the Wang family, dared to utter those words to an unknown commoner. To them, it was a monstrosity beyond belief. Even though they were all humans, they always had this air of superiority, no matter the time or situation.

They had hoped that this air would carry on to their children, but luckily, this apple fell far from the tree.

Hearing the young woman's words, Zheng Mimi smiled. "No problem. Are you feeling better now?"

Wang Xhilie opened her mouth to utter a lie, but decided against it. After all, she w

his arm, saying, "But it's true! No other word could be used to describe her!"

Wang Jinfeng ignored her words and looked at the dark sky. "It's late, we should get back home."

Wang Xhilie pouted but agreed to her brother's words. On their way back, he didn't say anything regarding their parents, or her topic of the stranger woman.

As she got to her room, she placed the handkerchief into a small, black container she found in her brother's room. She would've used a container of her own, but hers were filled with jewelry and other things that she needed for designing. And her brother didn't mind her borrowing one anyway.

But the next day, as she headed off to find a good building to begin her fashion legacy, the maid in charge of cleaning her room saw the black container on her desk. The maid was confused as she had seen the same container on the Young Master's desk, so she quickly grabbed the container to put back in his room.

When she arrived at his room, she placed it deep in his closet. But before she left, curiosity got the best of her and she opened the box-container and saw a small handkerchief in there. Deeming it as belonging to the Young Miss, she put it back and swiftly left his room.

Fear filled her heart as she thought of being found out at looking into the box containing the Young Master and Miss' things. Her fear intensified when the Young Miss asked her about the box, in which she lied and said she never even saw what it looked like.

The maid saw the Young Miss sigh as she waved her off, dismissing her. The maid was grateful yet guilty for lying, but she valued her job, so a small fib wouldn't hurt anyone.

And so, the box containing Zheng Mimi's handkerchief was forgotten by both Wang Xhilie and Wang Jinfeng until much later, when it was rediscovered. But at that time, it was much later in the future and it had been too late...

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